On Quantification of Consciousness by Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.


It is proposed that the consciousness of an animating soul responding as a linear elastic harmonic resonator can be defined as the square root of the ratio of the soul’s coefficient of consciousness expansion k, a karmic constant, to its constitution m:

Consciousness [Natural Frequency] = √ [k/m]

  • Consciousness is ALL THERE IS and is the most important thing in the universe.Consciousness is everything
  • To become fully consciousness is to remember who you are as a Being of Light, why you are here, and where you are going.You are of Family of LightLight - Animation - Consciousness
  • Consciousness is much more than self-awareness and response to environmental stimuli. It involves thoughts, sensations, perceptions, moods, emotions, and dreams.
  • It is dictated by the collective mind that creates the programs of realities through which your soul experiences simultaneously.We are ALL Connected!
  • Realities are about the evolution of consciousness through experimentation in ‘time.’
  • We exist in a matrix, simulation, hologram, or virtual programmed reality that we believe is real because our brains tell us so..we live in a hologramwe live in a hologram 2we live in a hologram 3
  • Consciousness originates from light energy for the purpose of learning.
  • Light is stroboscopic and of flashing ‘on’ and ‘off’ nature.Light is stroboscopic
  • Therefore, strictly speaking, we constantly undergo a period of consciousness and a ‘dark’ period.
  • However, the interval between the conscious and ‘dark’ states is so small, being of the magnitude of ten to the minus forty three seconds [Planck’s Number], that we cannot actively perceive its occurrence.dark period
  • Therefore, we periodically oscillate ‘in’ and ‘out’ of consciousness.
  • Being of oscillatory characteristic, there exists a ‘frequency’ that may be defined in cycles per second that describes the peaks of consciousness in unit time.frequencyFrequency 3Frequency 2
  • Thus, every ‘living’ soul may be characterized by a natural frequency of oscillation [or vibration] that quantifies its nature of consciousness.Natural Frequency - light quotient - consciousnes
  • The ‘natural frequency of vibration’ [or simply “frequency”] is the most prominent parameter that describes the nature of a Being, which characterizes the quality as well as quantity of its consciousness.
  • Distinctly different states of consciousness exist in the Multiuniverse.Dimensions, Time and Consciousness
  • The domain in which each particular state of consciousness or frequency is prevalent is commonly referred to as “dimension.”
  • Our consciousness currently exists in the third dimension, which relatively has a distinctively low frequency of vibration.
  • There are 12 dimensions that characterize the realm of ‘physicality.’
  • The realities under which consciousness are experienced are governed by purposeful ‘program servers,’ which are not unlike computer software written in binary codes/languages.
  • There is a direct analogy between the light code/language and those compiled through machine language via electricity.
  • They are both of binary nature that are governed by ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ or switching ‘on’ and ‘off’ mechanism.
  • The third dimension program server of reality is strongly influenced by the concepts of space and time continuum, in which the ‘sensation’ of time is quite prevalent.
  • The space-time program server is characterized by a wave function that may be considered as piece-wise linear.
  • Due to the SLOW DOWN of sequential events, there is a sensation of linear time in 3-D in which past, present, and future become apparent, and thus adopted and agreed upon by the present reality to be the status quo.Time, space and eternity
  • The area under the space [or consciousness] – time curve may be defined as the ‘free’ light energy expended.
  • In essence, however, space and time is inter-related.
  • Time is the inverse of space, and vice versa.
  • Conceptually, there exists a realm [in the vicinity of the time axis] where time is dominant depicting very small relative changes or maneuverability on space continuum.
  • This may be referred to as the ‘time domain.’
  • This is the realm of physicality which is governed by high constitution of matter.
  • This is the domain in which matter is quite dense, not candidly permitting the transparency of Light through matter.Natural Frequency 3
  • The deficiency of passage of Light through matter creates a condition of deprivation or scarcity for consciousness.
  • As consciousness is quantified by the natural frequency of vibration, consciousness is, thus, inversely proportional to the extent of matter or its density.
  • Also it is clear that consciousness is a time [or experience] dependent phenomenon.
  • A sentient soul originates as a point of consciousness of the Prime Creator.
  • It has also been suggested by the author that the phenomenon of consciousness is hologramic in nature, meaning that any portion or constituent part of its entirety [the universal consciousness] has the potential characteristic or aptitude as its original progenitor.
  • Therefore, a point of consciousness [the sentient soul] has distinct potential for consciousness expansibility.Coefficient of consciousness expansibility
  • However, it is clear that due to the ‘universal law of cause and effect’ [law of karma], the potential for consciousness expansibility may actually be deteriorated in time through adverse experience actually leading to a reduction of the physical consciousness for the sentient soul.
  • It should, however, be emphasized here that deterioration of consciousness is an interim phenomenon and is a non-dissipative process, meaning it is fully reversible, in which the sentient soul may fully recover its original state, joining the progenitor, the Prime Creator.Karma and plasticity - resilience
  • In this respect, as points of consciousness, we were all given a ‘free will’ and let experience ‘life’ in order to gain knowledge and further consciousness.beginning of creation- metaphysicsbeginning of creation- metaphysics 2
  • beginning of creation- metaphysics 3Unfortunately, as free-willed entities some of us became highly self-centered to the extent as to lose touch with our ‘SOURCE’ and perceived ourselves as ‘separate’ entities to that of our progenitor.
  • As we entered the realm of physicality by adopting a body shell, some became so mesmerized by ‘form’ and material ‘things’ that forgot their true ‘SOURCE’ as points of consciousness and spirit Beings of Light.
  • They became so encapsulated or ‘condensed’ in their new ill-perceived presumptions that became totally ‘lost’ and practically isolated themselves from the SOURCE.
  • As a result, once proud as points of consciousness as companions to the All Mighty and co-creators, some began to conceive themselves as dust-worthy decedents of apes and product of physical evolution.separation- metaphysics
  • And, of course, physicality, is nothing but a holographic projection created through time-space program server designed by once co-creators and companions of the original SOURCE.
  • Thus, it is the current status of mankind’s ill-conceived reality, believing in a punishing God who by instituting the ‘day of judgment’ will reward a good deed or reprimand us for our every ‘sins’ after our ‘death.’
  • Fear not beloved fellow soul that death does not exist, as you are eternal.
  • Also, although your consciousness has deteriorated extensively, yet there is a point of return for ALL.
  • It is true that your consciousness expansibility has suffered at length, but rest assured as there is no annihilation, no permanent damage, and no utter failure.
  • Should you choose, you can reverse this recoverable process and head back toward consciousness expansion, and eventual join with your progenitor.karma- metaphysics
  • You need to clear and cleanse your soul from accumulated negative karma through awareness, allowance, and effective actions.
  • The starting point, beyond such spiritual awakening, is to dispense with victim consciousness, and begin to take full responsibility for all your actions in your perceived past, present, and future.
  • Consistent with the Law of Conservation of energy, ultimately, nothing is ever lost, and all is fully recoverable.
  • The key issues are firstly spiritual awakening, and ‘allowance’ of what that is discerned.
  • Through dispensing with all traits that are deflecting and deterrent to consciousness expansion such as fear and anxiety, anger and violence, false pride or ego, jealousy or completion, greed, etc., you can turn the wheel toward consciousness recovery.Reincarnation
  • All other such deterrent behaviors such as prejudice, injustice, theft, and all other negative karmic traits leading to the buildup of unethical debt must be utterly and clearly avoided as to safeguard against accumulation of the ‘excess baggage’ during this current round of reincarnation.
  • It is with this introduction that we can now define a new parameter, termed, ‘coefficient of consciousness expansibility,’ in order to further quantify the phenomenon of consciousness.stability- stiffness
  • Note that any point in its history of existence, a soul is inherently prone to returning to the Prime Creator.
  • However due to advent of karma the soul ‘deflects’ from its initial equilibrium position in the mind of the Prime Creator.
  • A sentient soul is a point of consciousness originating from the super-conscious mind of the Creator.
  • Free Will gives the sentient soul to exhibit a ‘degree of freedom,’ which gives rise to ‘deflection,’ which in turn, is aided by the force of karma.MDOF
  • This resembles a ‘springing action,’ in which the karmic response becomes analogous to the spring constant [force per unit deflection] of a ‘spring.’
  • And, according to Newton’s Third Law of Motion, for every force of action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  • Therefore, the tendency to stay with the Creator is opposed by the Force of Karma, giving rise to ‘deflection.’
  • As an independent sentient entity possessing consciousness a soul has certain constitution that in the absence of physicality is of antimatter essence.
  • Once the soul ventures into physicality, its constitution increases drastically as it becomes embedded in matter [outer shell or earth vessel known as body].
  • Therefore, the vibration characteristic of the sentient soul may be modeled as a simple mass-spring mechanical system in terms of physicality.
  • The simplest model is that of the vibration response of a Single Degree of Freedom [SDOF] mass-spring system.SHM
  • And, such a system, with the absence of any dissipative mechanism [damping], is known to oscillate in Simple Harmonic Motion [SHM].
  • An SHM system has a ‘natural frequency of vibration’ that is directly proportional to the square root of its stiffness parameter [analogously, the ‘Karmic Constant’ or the ‘Coefficient of Consciousness Expansibility’ as it was referred to previously].
  • Furthermore, it may be shown from fundamental principles and deriving and solving the governing linear differential equation of motion for such a system that the natural frequency is inversely proportional to the square root of the mass for a simple harmonic oscillator.Natural frequency 2
  • An SHM system [harmonic oscillator] has a tendency to begin vibrating when it is excited by a frequency equal to this value [fundamental natural frequency].animation-resonance
  • Therefore, analogous to the theory of free vibration of undamped single degree of freedom spring-mass system [a simple harmonic oscillator], the natural frequency [a measure of consciousness] for a sentient soul may be deduced to be proportional to the square root of the ratio of the spring constant [or Coefficient of Consciousness Expansibility] to mass [soul constitution]:

Consciousness [Natural Frequency] = √ [k/m]

  • Where k depicts Coefficient of Consciousness Expansibility [Karmic Constant] and m denotes mass.

  • Alternatively, it may be deduced that Coefficient for Consciousness Expansibility [CCE] or Karmic Constant is directly proportional to natural frequency [extent of consciousness].
  • Thus, the natural frequency of vibration of a soul, which depicts the state of consciousness of a sentient soul, can be defined as being proportional to the ratio of Coefficient of Consciousness Expansibility [CCE] to mass.
  • In this regard, the sentient soul is presumed to be a single entity [analogous to a single mass in vibration mechanics.]
  • It is clear that if a sentient soul can experience ‘life’ in more than one dimension simultaneously by splitting itself into multiple mass system, it has a better chance of gaining consciousness [increasing its overall natural frequency].
  • Thus, one can experience ‘life’ sojourns in multiple dimensions simultaneously, which may be termed as “parallel dimensional realities.”
  • The division of a mass into multiple masses and the advent of parallel dimensions also insinuate that there must be more than one Coefficient of Consciousness Expansibility involved in the equation.
  • In fact, one may expect the involvement of as many parameters as there are masses [aspects of soul].
  • This is completely consistent with the notion that since the parameter is experience-dependent, and because each reality or parallel dimension offers its uniquely own set of experiences for the involved party, each aspect of the soul is expected to exhibit its own inherent Coefficient for Consciousness Expansibility.
  • And, in the most general case of each soul vibrating in a distinct dimension of consciousness possessing its own threshold frequency, this becomes analogous to the free undamped vibration mechanics of a multi-degree of freedom [MDOF] system with distinct natural frequencies.Eigenvalue-Eigenvector-Resonance
  • The mathematical problem, thus, resembles that of an eigenvalue problem in which there exists discrete values associated with all sets of possible natural frequencies for which the overall multi-degree of freedom system may be excited to vibrate [animate].
  • Each possible scenario is termed a particular “mode” of vibration describing a distinct dimension.
  • In our analogy of vibration or animation [bringing to life] of a sentient soul, each mode corresponds to a particular parallel dimension of reality in which a particular aspect of a soul is experiencing lifetime sojourns.
  • There exists a lowest natural frequency giving rise to a particular parallel dimension, which may be termed as the ‘fundamental’ natural frequency, and its counterpart dimension as the fundamental dimension.
  • The ‘fundamental parallel dimension’ corresponds to a reality in which the soul is experiencing the lowest amount of consciousness.
  • In the three dimensional parallel realities, since the consciousness [and thus natural frequencies] are very low, when one looks at piece-wise changes among such natural frequency [or consciousness] values, the system behavior gives rise to a linear system being governed by linear differential equations.
  • And, linear systems are governed by the principal of superposition which states that the overall response may be calculated by simply adding the individual responses each associated with a particular constituent.
  • Thus the sentient soul, as a whole, experiences consciousness equal to the sum of all its constituent soul aspects.
  • And, this is the advantage to ‘soul fragmentation.’
  • By splitting itself into constituent soul aspects, a soul may gain consciousness more effectively and efficiently in a concurrent manner.
  • This also alleviates the problem associated with ‘discrete’ consciousness of a soul that is subject to undergoing periods of ‘active or awake’ and ‘dark’ consciousness.
  • In order to ‘fill the gap’ in each interval of ‘on’ and ‘off’ consciousness, the sentient soul may split itself to traverse different parallel realms of consciousness in order to stay more ‘active’ in consciousness, thus increasing its overall frequency of consciousness.
  • As individual points of consciousness, no point is ‘continuously’ conscious.
  • It is only when all infinite constituent parts come fully together that an entity can gain continuous consciousness.
  • In terms of our vibration mechanics analogy one may distinguish between a single spring-mass system [a point of consciousness or sentient soul or soul aspect] and a continuous member such a rod or a beam [the Creator] being composed of an infinite number of points [or MDOF].
  • Thus, the state of utter and ‘continuous consciousness,’ in which an entity is ‘constantly’ conscious about all things happening everywhere at all times, is only reserved for God the Prime Creator, who is the progenitor of all conscious entities/sentient souls.
  • All other sentient souls fall short of such distinction.
  • On the other hand, a sentient soul can compensate for its ‘discrete consciousness’ through sequentially jumping in and out of multiple planes of realities.
  • It is said that a soul may be fragmented into 12 constituents ‘soul aspects,’ each experiencing a distinct parallel reality.
  • As long as the soul can complete these operations within a 10 to -43 seconds, the constituent soul aspects remain actively unaware of such happenings.
  • The ‘active conscious’ status is governed by the brain and has to do with all accumulated experiences gathered during one particular ‘reincarnation.’Outer Consciousness
  • However, a soul aspect is only a small part of the overall entity.
  • Through ‘subconscious’ memories a soul aspect remains always ‘connected’ to the parent soul and all its other constituent soul aspects.Inner Consciousness
  • The subconscious mind is governed through thymus and the heart and is operated through ‘intuition.’
  • And, the phenomenon of ‘de ja vu’ is the direct consequence of remembering oneself in a parallel dimension.
  • Similar episodes are seen during dream state because during subconsciousness one can visit a parallel soul aspect’s life and correctly perceive oneself as though going through life consisting of different circumstances.
  • There is yet a third aspect to consciousness which is referred to as the ‘superconscious’ state.Superconscious Continuum
  • Superconsciousness exists as a result of ‘connection’ to the original progenitor, which is our father, the Prime Creator.
  • Although due to the degeneration of man’s consciousness it is extremely difficult for mankind to perceive of its superconsciousness, we are not disintegrated from the ‘WHOLE,’ and we are still a constituent part of our original ‘SOURCE.’
  • It is only our ill-conceived sense of ‘separation’ that provides the illusion of being ‘alone’ and isolated.
  • In reality, ALL is ONE, and we are part of a ‘universal consciousness’ and the ‘WHOLE.’
  • Self-centered ego, which were only meant to safeguard us against harm by acting as an alarm, has been aggrandized to act as a survival specialist, isolating us from the rest.
  • In reality, the notion of survival is futile.
  • There is no danger, there should not be a fear of another.
  • We are ALL ONE.we are conduits of light 2
  • Vanity is another culprit in the illusory game of separatism.
  • It adheres to the fantasy of self-importance and being above all others. Humility, love, charity, authenticity
  • It manifests itself through putting particular importance to the illusion of ‘form.’
  • And, in correct reality, form does not exist.
  • It is an outer shell which is frequently and commonly shed in favor of a new one being grown for the purpose of a successive reincarnation.form is an illusion


Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D., ‘A Mathematical Model for Quantification of Consciousness [Soul Animation],’ https://multidimensionalconsciousness.wordpress.com/2014/12/13/the-quantitative-aspect-of-animation-of-a-soul-as-a-harmonic-oscillator-by-mohsen-paul-sarfarazi-ph-d/

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  1. Dr. Sarfarazi, You have summed up the meaning of Life, the Wholeness of Life beautifully. It is time for humanity to “Wake up”, at least to the reality of All is One, All is Consciousness. Thank you for sharing, Lee

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