Consciousness Studies 101: Getting Prepared for a New Age of Expanded Consciousness By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.

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Unity Consciousness: Its Quantum Nature, Dissemination, and Expansion By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.

Unity Consciousness - Its Quantum Nature, Dissemination, and Expansion-page-001Unity Consciousness - Its Quantum Nature, Dissemination, and Expansion-page-002Unity Consciousness - Its Quantum Nature, Dissemination, and Expansion-page-003Unity Consciousness - Its Quantum Nature, Dissemination, and Expansion-page-004Unity Consciousness - Its Quantum Nature, Dissemination, and Expansion-page-005Unity Consciousness - Its Quantum Nature, Dissemination, and Expansion-page-006Unity Consciousness - Its Quantum Nature, Dissemination, and Expansion-page-007Unity Consciousness - Its Quantum Nature, Dissemination, and Expansion-page-008Unity Consciousness - Its Quantum Nature, Dissemination, and Expansion-page-009Unity Consciousness - Its Quantum Nature, Dissemination, and Expansion-page-010Unity Consciousness - Its Quantum Nature, Dissemination, and Expansion-page-011Unity Consciousness - Its Quantum Nature, Dissemination, and Expansion-page-012Unity Consciousness - Its Quantum Nature, Dissemination, and Expansion-page-013Unity Consciousness - Its Quantum Nature, Dissemination, and Expansion-page-014Unity Consciousness - Its Quantum Nature, Dissemination, and Expansion-page-015Unity Consciousness - Its Quantum Nature, Dissemination, and Expansion-page-016Unity Consciousness - Its Quantum Nature, Dissemination, and Expansion-page-017Unity Consciousness - Its Quantum Nature, Dissemination, and Expansion-page-018egotism - separatism

We are ALL Connected!

dissolve ego - connect with atma

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The universe as a conscious hologram-revisedMan's yearning for God withinWe are ALL Connected!interconnection between things 2aGod 2God 1

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The Several Stages of Awakening, and their Relations to the Different Phases of the Universal Law of Attraction By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.



It is clear that earth is currently undergoing divine energetic changes and these changes are causing the awakening of the masses, spearheading mankind’s genetic evolution, and preparing us for ascension to higher dimensions of consciousness. And, awakening progresses in different stages. Herein, the author has classified man’s awakening into 4 stages that are commensurate with the 4 phases of the UNIVERSAL LAW OF ATTRACTION. A discussion of these stages, dubbed as ‘ATTENTION,’ ‘INTENTION,’ ‘ALLOWANCE,’ and ‘SYNCHRONICITY’ has been presented. Furthermore, the impact of awakening on a diverse group of human souls has been explicated.


What is exactly wrong with our society? Why are people so unhappy? Why is there so much skepticism and distrust among people?

The financial system has crumbled. It is impossible to trust any politician. No one cares about professionalism and work pride. There is no longer any morality left. The family structure has been totally collapsing. Simple misapprehensions soon turn into conflicts or skirmishes. There is no longer any patience or perseverance. There is no ‘giving’ and it is all about ‘taking.’ It is all about the ‘self’ and the ‘number one.’ There is no consideration for others. There is no ‘compassion.’ Self-indulgence, decadence, and hedonism are the only popular pursuits. Game playing, lies, deceits, and dishonesty, are the widespread tactics for accomplishment, for achieving success. In contrast, straightforwardness, honesty, and open expressions, are perceived as alarming trends for being a simpleton or a fool. Law suits and legal battles are at all-time high. The majority of lawyers are the most unethical, unprincipled individuals, and form the most immoral sectors of the society. Overcharging is the standard practice of the day. ‘Money’ seems to be almost ALL that the majority of humanity is occupied with. There is constantly war in one part of the globe or another. People are constantly starving all over the world. There is disease and pestilence. The advent of a new form of energy does not seem to be ever in the horizon. Fossil fuel and gas are still the energetic norms. There is the evidence of inordinate amount of pollution in the air, water, ground, and even beneath the surface of the Earth.

Mother Earth has begun to express her grievances through increased number of earthquakes, tsunamis, and severe volcanic activities. Extreme weather is manifesting itself through severe hurricanes, floods, and tornados. Other parts of the world are plagued by punishing draught. The extreme weather and tectonic plate shifts are occurring as a result of Mother Earth’s aversion and rage to mankind’s obnoxious, abusive, treatment of her natural resources in the past and present. She is earnest and diligent to, once for all, cleanse and purify herself of the contagion she has been enduring and persevering in recent and foregoing millennia. And, in a concerted effort, she wishes to re-stabilize and revitalize her resources once more. She does not have a terminal detestation for humanity, but for its ignorance. In contrast, she is regenerating and rejuvenating her surface beauty, as well as re-energizing and invigorating her resources in order to, once again, provide shelter, and to be a refreshing source for the mankind. She is not to be considered as malicious or vindictive as she is with the ‘light’ and she is compassionate and she is forgiving. There will be moments of discomfort, anxiety, and even dread or terror while Mother Earth is cleansing and renewing herself. However, these sensations are not everlasting and shall all pass.

All these disasters, ‘natural,’ or man-made, germinate a seed of curiosity ‘Within,’ generating a craving desire ‘to want to know.’ Of course, those who are tightly fear-based in their ‘rationale,’ often have an evasive attitude towards all this. They may resort to anger or to denial. They are often saturated by controversy and plagued by the ill emotions and sensations of the past, whether in this lifetime, or during previous incarnations. Whatever ‘type’ the person may be classified as, the sensation is there, ‘Within.’ In one case, an unpleasant gnawing feeling, in another, a sense of welcomed curiosity. In all cases, it is a diverse form of awakening. It is all there ‘Within’ and hidden. It has just not yet manifested itself, and it has various stages of cocooning before it becomes alive and transparent and presents itself to the physical or active conscious mind. 


Stage I of Awakening: Stage I refers to the incipient moment of awakening. It is the juncture of ‘ATTENTION,’ corresponding to the FIRST phase of the UNIVERSAL LAW OF ATTRACTION. It is, indeed, the incipient point of awakening. It is the first spark, the initial moment of conception for a new reality to set in. Those who are ‘old souls’ and those who have lived many lifetimes on the 3D Earth are usually more self-confident and less prone to fear. These individuals want to know more. For this reason, they do not want to let go of this explosive moment. They are not afraid to pursue with this sensation of inquisitiveness they have newly ‘found’ or experienced. They feel they are onto something well-meaning, something big and want to research it further. They find themselves occupied; not in an unpleasant way, but actually in an enticing manner. They want to dig more ‘Within,’ and find out where the actual notion comes from. For some, this will eventually follow an intense period of research and of silent reflection. It should be elaborated that for some, the reaction is completely different. Some try to repudiate this moment of new reality creation. Some get terrified by the thought. Some tend to humor themselves by mocking the sensation. Others inherently see a certain enticement to the notion; yet they have been taught from the dawn of their experience in the ‘3D reality of duality’ to be cautious. So, they do not want to be subject to humiliation, or be ridiculed. At this stage, both fear and ego are very much in the game.

Only ‘old souls’ and highly self-assured, very bold, and ‘unique’ individuals are at ease at this stage. It should be explicated here that by inference to ‘old souls,’ it is considered that these individuals have a high degree of conscience arising from many lifetimes of positive or ‘resolved’ experiences. Therefore, these individuals do not typically suffer from ‘karma’ or ‘victim consciousness’ syndrome. This means that the majority of the significant karmic feelings of anger or dismay arising from experiencing injustice and mal-treatments of any kind in this or preceding lifetimes have been cleansed by the individual in question. Victim consciousness infers a silly ego-based disorder transparent in a great deal of individuals on the present Earth, which pertains to a condition that the individual almost invariably refuses to take responsibility for her or his action by always blaming any problem on someone else or to a set of imagined circumstances. Since the individual never takes the initiative to oblige oneself to feel accountable for her or his action, the process of clearing can never occur. As a result, the individual does not learn to reiterate on his/her action, and benefit from the experience. In contrast, excess ‘baggage’ often accumulates in the present life and from the previous incarnations. It should be noted here that in basically all cases of victim consciousness, the individual is 100% responsible for the outcomes of his/her experiences. Even if it is postulated that others have been responsible for one’s karma by desecrating one’s right of Free Will, the same individual can acknowledge, respect, and exercise her/his own right of Free Will by ‘walking away’ and exercise compassion and forgiveness. Therefore, the terminology of ‘old soul’ refers to individuals who are no longer plagued by neither karma nor victim consciousness irrespective of their number of reincarnations in the past, absent of  ‘excess baggage,’ who do not suffer from inferiority complex, do not have FEAR, and have a great deal of conscience unlike certain others. These individual soon progress from stage I awakening to the next.


Stage II of Awakening: This stage initiates when the revelation of ‘ATTENTION’ has been well-received and noted. Stage II is the phase of self-discovery. It correlates with the condition of ‘INTENTION’ pertaining to the SECOND phase of the UNIVERSAL LAW OF ATTRACTION. There is a tremendous sense of delight and curiosity accompanying its inception to want to self-reflect. As you have your moments of silent reflections, you begin to realize that your many past and present ‘intuitive’ thoughts are contrary to your upbringing and conditioning during this current incarnation. You see, after all, you have not been a ‘rebel without cause.’ You make the discovery that there are not any true information or data that you could reflect upon and use your analytical and rational deduction to come up with any ambiguities regarding your intuitive senses. You now wish you had taken your intuitive thoughts more seriously and reflected upon them to form a solid system of ‘belief’ regarding your inspirations. You now start feeling better about yourself, gaining more confidence and self-respect. If you are not the expressive type, you wish to become bolder, speak out, and begin helping others to enlighten them, and possibly guide them towards awakening also.  If you are, indeed, the articulate, expressive type, you feel more motivated and become active articulating your thoughts, further awakening yourself and others. In any case, you begin feeling better about yourself.  Stage II is the period that incite you to want to accept that a new paradigm could exist for your ‘reality.’ Thus, you begin to comprehend that your old reality was an illusion. More specifically, it was a reality that was based upon fear. It is ‘love’ that now you begin to crave for. It is the ‘unconditional love’ that is based upon ‘compassion.’ And, this love is unlike anything you had perceived before. It is not based on infatuation, lust, or needs. It is a very benevolent, secure love that has no roots in ‘ego’ and self-indulgence that binds us all together. It is a love that keeps everyone in ‘oneness.’ It is a love that has its core in divinity. When you are first inspired by it, you have a sensation of experiencing something new. It is certainly beyond the 3D paradigm of ‘duality.’ It is not self-serving. It is grand. It is regal. It fills you with a sense of utter peace. It boosts your feeling of self-worth. It takes you out of the ordinary. It inspires you with an engulfing sense for charity, empathy, and compassion. It resonates with a higher frequency of consciousness. It incites a tranquil, resolute sense of satisfaction, different than before. As a result, you begin to desire a different reality. You crave for forward evolution. You begin to yearn for a love-based society, one based upon understanding, cooperation, and utter peace, void of fear, conflict, hatred, abuse, and selfishness. As a result, you set your INTENT to search for such a reality. You now become determined, hopeful, and trusting. The agony of doubt, skepticism, and paranoia begin to fade from your heart at an alarming rate.  You are now a new person: more sentient, more aware of your surroundings, wanting to traverse higher dimensions of existence into a more comfort zone. You begin to feel you will be going ‘home,’ and it is a beautiful sensation.


Stage III of Awakening: Having more appreciation for yourself and understanding that you have been living in an illusion based upon falsehood, you are now ready to move on. The old paradigm is no longer acceptable. Stage III corresponds to ‘ALLOWANCE,’ corresponding to the THIRD phase of the UNIVERSAL LAW OF ATTRACTION. You are now accepting to cross over to a different reality, one based upon divine unconditional love. You continue without fear, or if initially plagued by fear, it begins to subside. You progressively begin to love yourself. Again, this is unconditional love originating from the Almighty. It is not ego-based whatsoever. By now you have come to fully appreciate that the fundamental shortcomings of your previous reality, namely, that it was fear-based. You had continuous concerns for ‘survival.’ You lived in a chaotic environment which, in truth, operated on the basis of ‘law of jungle.’ That is, ‘the survival of the fittest.’  This fundamental ideology was imposed upon you through validation of the Darwin’s Theory. You were compelled to ‘compete’ to be the “fittest.” Your surroundings were riddled with examples of injustice, and by transparent models of rich and poor, strong and weak, prosperous and struggling, and happy and miserable. Although these are all illustrations of the paradigm of duality, you now appreciate that the examples were extreme and artificially manipulated as a result of Mankind’s slavery. You realize that we have all come here to have a taste of ‘duality.’ We have all subjected ourselves to deceit and to dark energies of all kind to enhance our understanding of the universe, and in particular, the interplay of Light and Dark. But, the nature of such extreme fear-based paradigm has been beyond the scope of our chosen curriculum. The pronounced difference is that life under the condition of duality still preserves the right of Free Will. In this respect, the experience of duality is confined to making sound decisions as to neutralize the effect of dark, and appreciate the interplay of dark and light within the realm of duality. With slavery added to the equation, however, the right of Free Will is totally desecrated. With additional constrictions of misinformation, subliminal propaganda, secrecy, and other power-induced dictatorship, the balance is highly toppled in favor of evil. The old paradigm was heavily ego-based. Furthermore, you see that the frequent emergence of ego as an essential component of survival meant that the natural balance in the symbiotic relation between SELF and ego was unbalanced, being biased in favor of ego. Initially, ego was simply allowed as a parameter in the equation of existence within the context of Creation, to alert the ‘Self’ and safeguard it against abuse, injustice, and to effect survival. In essence, this aspect of the old reality was a corollary to the fear-based aspect of the old paradigm. Fear creates chaos and necessitates concern for survival. On the other hand, alarm for survival generates fear. It is all a vicious circle. At this stage of awakening, you will appreciate that the role of ego as the primary protector of humanity’s rights of sovereignty and survival against outside harm is grossly exaggerated. You come to comprehend that the outer conditions are not necessarily perilous, especially when you consider substituting fear with love. In other words, you find love dissolves fear, anxiety, anger, safeguarding against conflict. Furthermore, you come to see that ego is not necessarily an ally for the Self. You realize that it has its own agenda, and it goes far beyond fulfilling its task as a defender of man’s rights. You recognize that, in reality, ego’s approach is one of offensive position. It motivates misunderstanding, provokes argument, and incites conflict. It actually complicates simple encounters of confusion and miscomprehension through introduction of antagonistic posture, selfish guardedness, and belligerence. It disarms ‘Self’ from taking the alternative stand of ‘giving’ or compassion by encouraging defensiveness and conflict. It exposes ‘Self’ with the repugnant image of arrogance and pomposity, rousing engagement and enflaming a fight. You come to the realization that it is of primary importance to be strong, confident, and courageous, and to keep ego completely under the leash of obedience, not to let it interfere with your social interactions with others, and to make it adhere to its purpose, which is alerting you to any possible external exposure to exploitation, mistreatment, and cruelty. You must leave the strategy of the remedy and discipline solely to the Self under possible advisement from the ‘Higherself’ and without any interjections from ego.

At this stage of awakening you begin to wonder where you come from, and who you really are. Your interest and intent to learn more becomes accentuated. You now meditate more and spend further time in silent reflection. Consequently, you begin to establish a bond with your ‘Higherself.’ Progressively, there is more emergence of your ‘Self’ and ‘Higherself’ with one another. This begins to accelerate the process of your comprehension about your past and present surroundings through premonitions and intuitive feelings. As a result, your awakening begins to progress considerably, paving the way for a higher conscious state of being. Now you begin to resonate with a higher frequencies, which escalates each and every day. You also feel certain symptoms of this increased consciousness. You often experience headaches. There is evidence of swelling in your tong and throat. You start to get more and more body aches. There is the sign of ringing in your ears. And, even there is an onset of anxiety felt within you. It is as if you are striving to grow out of your present skin and into a new one.


Stage IV of Awakening: This is the beginning of the end to the process of awakening. By now, any remaining fear or doubt have all fully subsided. The old fear-based and ego-based paradigm is no longer an option for you. You are now seeking an alternative way of life. The promise of ascension becomes particularly attractive, and you are determined to pursue it. You see the world fully from the point of view of compassion, unconditional love, and ‘oneness.’  You are one with yourself and the creator, and you are looking forward to a new life based upon full cooperation, and sharing. ‘Competition’ seems absurd to you. You totally abhor jealousy or envy. You are very confident of yourself and have a deep respect and appreciation for yourself. You feel you are clear from any karma in this life or your past incarnations. You take full responsibility for all your actions and the idea of victim consciousness is alien to you. You are cleansed of all dark energies and have an aversion for all that appears contrary to your divine conscience as perceived by your ‘Higherself.’ You feel joyful and you love yourself. At the same time, you feel humble and you have an urge to help others. Your anger towards the fellow human beings has subsided. You look towards the fellow man who has always made you dismayed and distressed for adopting greed, distrust, apathy, selfishness, defensiveness, even paranoia as a way of life, with empathy and wish to help him/her with a new reality based upon love, warmth, security, tranquility, one that leads to prosperity and inventiveness. You feel very tolerant and forgiving towards man’s transgressions. You rather be void of any judgments and instead commit yourself to counsel and assist if you are permitted. At the same time you feel deeply in peace with yourself. You understand the purpose of your incarnations well. Any doubts or regrets totally vanish from your physical mind. You know what you did was according to your desire for incarnation on Earth. What you let go of is for good reasons that complies very well with the truth, and consistent with your new and refined reality. You feel totally resolved. You look back at your present experiences in this carnation and you are happy with your accomplishments, and you forgive and absolve all those who harmed or cheated you. You wish to meditate more, to commune and pray with your Creator father/mother more, and to also ask that if you inadvertently hurt anyone for any reason that they would pardon you for yours and their sakes. So, you feel great about yourself, and you look forward to a future new life with others based upon better and higher levels of consciousness, compassion, and love. Now you realize that you need to exercise more patience, and indeed, this is in concert with your new natural frequency of vibration, your new resonance. You are undoubtedly now resonating at much higher frequencies. Although more self-satisfying, you see you more and more that you are out of phase and not synchronous with your surroundings. This is consistent with the ‘SYNCHRONISITY,’ or the FOURTH phase of the UNIVERSAL LAW OF ATTRACTION that tells you now resonate and are harmonious with the frequency of a higher dimension. Fortunately, the divine energies of light and love are now pouring down on Earth. By now, you have made your commune with God and have committed yourself to his/her heavenly hands by opening your heart chakra to receive these blessed energies. And, indeed, they are coming every single day. However, you find yourself in a rollercoaster ride every day. As you go out, to nature or a serene park and meditate and walk among the flora and fauna and landscape of the countryside, you feel there is a surge of energy rush within you. With further reflection, the energies are anchored within you, and you share this anchoring with Gaia through appropriate meditation. As a result, you clear yourself of the old energies and replace them with the new. You are, once, again, tranquil and at peace. You feel you are charged up once again, and no matter what time it is in the evening or at night, you feel energetic to do a lot more. The concept of time progressively fades out within your biological system as within the higher dimensions of consciousness time is perpetual. Here, you feel you are swimming in an ocean of infinite time where there is no linear notion of time, no past, present, and future. You are geared only to the phenomenon of successful accomplishment of a task, where one task serves as the benchmark for calibration of time, and where time is measured by triumphant conclusion of one task after another. And, in this respect, a task is not necessarily a serious ‘chore,’ and may be anything that fancies your pleasure. As your consciousness grows, eventually, there will be a need for a new body, one that is akin to higher frequencies of vibration. Recall that Mother Earth has also been transforming and cleansing and evolving to a more pristine condition in order to provide you with a pleasant environment, another Eden if you will, to shelter you and afford nourishments for you.  Mother Gaia has now ascended to the 9th dimension and soon will be privy to advance and traverse the whole 12 dimensions of physicality. Strictly speaking, each one of us is a component in the overall constituents or the organs the make up the physical body of Gaia. Eventually, in order to be harmonious with the new vibration frequency of Mother Earth you will require a light body to be able to resonate in synchronicity in the new 5th (level I crystallinity), 7th (level II crystallinity) or 9th dimensional Earth (level III crystallinity). The term light refers to ‘less dense,’ as well as higher frequency ‘light’ energetic. Do not forget that we are beings of ‘light.’ Your light body becomes progressively less dense evolving from stage I crystallinity in the 5th to the level III of crystallinity in the 9th dimension beyond which there is no corporeal state, and where beyond the 7th dimension, you have the option to dispense with encasing your soul. Our highly revered sacred mission is to understand the interplay of good and evil. And, we have succeeded. As a result, we are graduating. We are going ‘home,’ wherever it might be within the 5th-12th precincts of “heaven.” All we have to do is to maintain a high enough level of frequency to cross over. All is well. The divine light energies are pouring in from our benevolent Father/Mother. At this stage in the game (Stage IV), you appreciate the necessity of maintaining your natural frequency at a high level and cope with the bothersome symptoms of ascension syndrome. In this regard, you must refrain from auric energetic depletion. Auric bleeding occurs as a result of overstress and loss of energy, which ironically enough, can occur due to the incoming energies of ascension on the planet. These energies change the genetics of the body as there will be a shift from dense amorphous carbon-based electromagnetic body to that of crystalline-electric light body.

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By multidimensionalconsciousness

Mechanics of [Discrete-Quantum-Multidimensional] Consciousness By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi. Ph.D.


The mechanics of consciousness as pertains to a soul experiencing life within multiple continuums of time and space indigenous to different dimensions of consciousness has been discussed. It has been explicated that a soul absorbs a multitude of resonant frequencies of the coherent and intelligible light containing the sacred codes of life, and begins to animate [vibrate] as distinct ‘aspects’ of itself within different continuums of time and space. Vibration occurs when the natural frequencies of an individual soul aspect, ωn = √kn/mn match the resonant frequencies indigenous to distinct dimension of consciousness, where mn denotes the mass [constitution], and kn represents the ‘coefficient of consciousness expansibility’ [a karmic constant] of each soul aspect. In this respect, the problem of soul vibration constitutes an eigenvalue problem, where the natural frequencies ωn of individual soul ‘aspects’ represent the ‘discrete’ eigenvalues, and the eigenvectors are defined by, or are indigenous to, the distinct dimensions of consciousness. In this respect, the overall response is equal to the superposition of the individual piece-wise ‘linear’ responses. Furthermore, it is clarified that the flashing ‘on’ and ‘off’ nature of the resonant stroboscopic light of consciousness gives rise to cyclic and non-dissipative matter to antimatter conversion and vice versa, which are facilitated by the ‘black’ and ‘white’ holes indigenous to the conical vortices of our chakras, which function in duplicate, and in the physical and ethereal realms, respectively. Furthermore, it is explicated that an individual soul aspect is physically not conscious of the sojourns of its ‘other’ counterparts in the ‘parallel’ due to the quantum nature of consciousness and its highly indiscernible extent of ‘darkening’ period by our senses. Finally, it is suggested that humanity needs to appreciate that the best strategy, intent, or mission for life regarding experiential endeavors within a single dimensional of time and space, would be to resort to intuition and by keeping closely in touch with our HIGHERSELF, as the guide and the pilot of our overall vessel of existence. And, this is spearheaded through our most complex neural organ, which is heart, and may be accomplished through our gift of intuition that is best rewarded through meditation and self-reflection. This way, the chaotic binary responses of our physical consciousness driven by our physical brain are quietened, and in contrast, the activities of our sub-conscious mind are accentuated.  

  • A sentient being is distinguished by its trait of consciousness.
  • In its simplest definition, consciousness is synonymous with self-awareness and cognizance of one’s surroundings.
  • However, consciousness is much more!Consciousness is everything
  • “I think,” therefore, I AM.
  • Human consciousness is a quantum phenomenon.
  • This means, it only persists at scales that are ‘quantum’ in nature, as defined by the Planck number of 10-43 seconds, and then decays.
  • And, what happens after this short flash in time?
  • There is a period, described by author as ‘the darkening period,’ where man begins to lose consciousness of itself and its surroundings in the given continuum of time and space.
  • But, before one becomes aware of this discontinuity, which occurs on a quantum scale, there is light again, leading to consciousness again.
  • We constantly fade into and out of consciousness.
  • Thus, consciousness has an inherent ‘discrete’ characteristic.
  • Consciousness is imparted by the coherent light on a soul.
  • And, light is stroboscopic in nature.Light is stroboscopic
  • It has a flashing ‘on’ and ‘off’ characteristic.
  • This means it only persists for a minute fraction of time that is not discernible by our regular senses.
  • To envision this, consider a florescent artificial light bulb.
  • As the ballast loses its stabilizing trait, the light begins flickering, which becomes quite apparent to an observer.
  • The phenomenon of ‘flashing’ consciousness within a particular time-space continuum of a ‘parallel’ dimension is closely associated with the notion of linear time.
  • A soul aspect gets ‘illuminated’ with a light of consciousness for a short time, at the quantum scale, but this light of consciousness soon decays as the soul ‘jumps’ into an alternate time-space continuum within a ‘parallel’ dimension.Unconscious Multidimensionality and Soul Fragmentation
  • This is why quantum mechanics asserts that the position vector of a particle [body-soul] cannot be stated deterministically through definition of a function describing position at any given time.
  • It states that we jump in and out myriad of universes constantly.sequential jumping and Unconscious Multidimensionality
  • And, in order to specify the position vector of a particle [body-soul] at any given time, one needs to define a probability density function representing the position.
  • This means the problem of space-time continuum is non-deterministic, and one needs to resort to a stochastic analysis through probabilistic definition of the position as a probability density function of time.
  • The author asserts that the sequential jumping of a particle [soul-body] from ‘universe to universe’ described in the theory of quantum mechanics is none other than the one described herein regarding sequential jumping of a multidimensional soul from one continuum of time and space to another.
  • Light is crystalline and electric in nature, and is intelligible, carrying codes of life that are discerned by our RNA/DNA genetics.
  • Light is composed of divine particulates [other than the mass-less photons that give it energies], which constitute the units of consciousness imparted on a sentient entity.
  • Consciousness, therefore, may be quantified by these units of consciousness that serve to endow the sentient soul with an inherent  quality that may be referred to as ‘light quotient.’
  • And, light quotient may be defined to describe the characteristic of a sentient soul, its capability, in containing, absorbing, or having light transparency.
  • So, although the cosmos is dynamic, utterly changing, our consciousness has a static, discrete characteristic at its fundamental level.
  • As the strobe of the light is in the state of ‘on’ switch, and it is imparted on us, it gives us consciousness in this continuum of time and space.
  • Since light is stroboscopic, and thus oscillatory in nature, it also has a vibrational characteristic, which may be characterized through definition of a parameter known as ‘frequency’ that defines the number of peaks that the oscillatory wave subtends in unit time.
  • The flashing rate of consciousness [or light quotient] is synonymous with the concept of frequency.
  • The higher is the resonant frequency, the shorter is the darkening period, culminating in faster returning of a soul’s aspect to consciousness within its initial continuum of time and space of dimensional reality.
  • So, the higher is the rate of pulsating of the light of consciousness that is being imparted upon a soul aspect [or SELF], the higher is its inherent natural frequency of vibration being triggered to resonate within its time-space continuum.
  • Therefore, a higher nature frequency of vibration means a higher rate of flashing consciousness [also light quotient], a shorter darkening period, less rate of consciousness decay, and ultimately, a higher extent of physical consciousness memory retention within a particular time-space continuum or physical reality.Unconscious Multidimensionality
  • And, the lower is the frequency of consciousness, the harder it becomes to access or remember the parallel realities, even in the dream state.
  • Alternatively, a higher frequency of consciousness, beyond a threshold, ensures multidimensionality and retaining the knowledge of experiential sojourns in other parallel dimensions of reality.
  • Since light has a continuous spectrum or bands of frequencies, we can ‘absorb’ distinct frequencies of light sequentially and jump into an alternate or ‘parallel’ continuum of time and space indigenous to a different dimension of consciousness.
  • And, it goes on and on, but we have to return to our initial time-space continuum/parallel dimension before it is too late.Holographic multidimensionality 3
  • There is a threshold quantum time ‘period’ that we can be absent from a particular parallel before the notion of ‘darkening’ and absence from that particular time space continuum/dimensional consciousness becomes discernible to the that particular state of ‘physical’ consciousness.
  • So, we can live in parallel dimensions basically simultaneously, within a distinction of quantum scale, in myriads of physical bodies with a single soul ‘aspect’ acting as the driver or pilot.
  • Each parallel is different than the other and has its own indigenous resonant frequency.
  • The sojourns that the soul experiences within one particular continuum of time and space are different than another.
  • There is a physical consciousness active in each parallel that is unique, and quite unaware of the other physical entities and continuums of time and space.
  • This is true by the fact that the physical consciousness in each continuum of time and space is discrete and discontinuous in nature, occurring quite independently than the other physical entities or time-space continuums.
  • So, while the main pilot, the soul, that may be referred to as the HIGHERSELF, has a privilege of seeing through all dimensional consciousness with their own inherent continuums of time and space, each individual entity experiencing a distinct sojourn of life/consciousness is, generally, unaware of the others.Innne Self - multidimensionality
  • In a manner of speaking, it is as if the soul or the HIGHERSELF has created constituent parts of itself, each vibrating at different frequencies, undergoing different sojourns of life in different continuums of time and space.
  • And, these distinct physical entities are bound to develop different personalities as they undergo different experiences, learning myriads of different life lessons.
  • Each distinct personality, having its own physical attribute and developing its own physical consciousness, constitutes a soul ‘aspect,’ which is commonly referred to as a SELF.
  • While one SELF in a parallel is physically unaware of the sojourns of another in a different continuum of time and space, all SELVES are connected to one another via the parent soul or the HIGHERSELF.
  • Although there is no physical connection among the different physical entities and their physical consciousness, they are all, so to speak, connected by a ‘wireless’ means to the parent soul or the HIGHERSELF, which we refer to as ‘intuition.’
  • The overall consciousness of the HIGHERSELF is, however, accessible to each constituent SELF members through what is commonly known as the ‘sub-consciousness.’Continuous Vibration - Godhood
  • And, sub-consciousness is particularly accessible through dream state and other occasions such as through day dreams, when the physical consciousness is calm, dormant, or not active, by quieting the active consciousness mind and the brain, and when the SELF becomes privy to get access to the sub-consciousness mind by virtue of self-reflection [intuition].
  • It is not absolutely clear as to what the total participatory number of distinct SELVES may be within a single soul.
  • The author is guided to quote the number 12 as the total number of SELVES possible to function independently under the auspices of a single soul.
  • However, no doubt number 12 is a divine number that keeps popping up on virtually every aspect of human spirituality.
  • For example, when we start becoming crystalline, 12 primary chakras get actuated.
  • And, when we reach the crystalline state, a total of 12 auric layers representing 12 ethereal bodies become activated.
  • Also, when we reach the crystalline state all 12 strands of our DNA become realigned, reconnected, activated and are functional.
  • There are 12 months in a year, 12 intervals of 5 minutes each within an hour, etc., etc.
  • Base 12 numerology was adopted at the time of Atlantis and prior to that.
  • If we were to accept that there are 12 different SELVES or personalities possessing 12 dissimilar physical bodies with their own distinct state of physical consciousness within a soul or HIGHERSELF, undergoing different sojourns of life in 12 distinct time-space parallels of the OMNI EARTH, then one can consider an analogy where the soul is situated at the center of a clock disseminating light of consciousness onto the 12 SELVES situated at 12 hourly positions on the clock.
  • The soul receives the light of consciousness and disperses it via a clock hand sequentially to the 12 positions around the clock.
  • A SELF becomes consciousness and then sequentially jumps to a consecutive hourly position, and the process continues until it again reaches the 12th hour position, where it initially started from.
  • The whole process is completed within the Planck’s quantum interval of 10-43 seconds, until the same SELF becomes conscious again.
  • This process is comprised of a series of still frames that are static but when they are played sequentially at a sufficient speed, the SELF begins to animate.
  • This is very much in line with the process of movie making, which is essentially a photographic process in which still pictures are recorded on a film one frame at a time.
  • When a film projector projects the picture on a screen at a sufficient speed, it appears that the object on the screen continuously moves, thus giving the illusion of continuity without any laps in time between consecutive frames.
  • Such is the nature of our consciousness.
  • We are all stars in a movie of our lives.
  • And, it is analogous to running movies on 12 consecutive screens with each having different scripts associated with them.
  • The only difference is that a movie is pre-scripted, but we have the will power to change any details, the middle, or the ending.
  • We are, in essence, actors on the stage of life that is running in ‘real time.’
  • However, although bound by a certain script that we agreed to prior to each reincarnation, we are privy to ‘make it up as we go,’ changing and tweaking the script to suit our moods and desires.
  • We keep jumping from one stage to another sequentially, with 12 stages in all being set up for the 12 distinct plays to be portrayed upon.
  • The quantum and discrete nature of our consciousness is a testimony to the fact that although as units of consciousness of God we are gods in the making, and we are both creators and powerful, we lack the ability to manifest as continuously conscious entities.
  • We all have a range of frequency indigenous to us that we can exist in certain parallels simultaneously, but we can only exist in a certain domain at a time due to the discrete nature of our natural frequencies or consciousness.
  • In contrast, the ALL MIGHTY God is the only entity possessing an infinite frequency that indicates he/she is in every place at all times.
  • We, however, have a discrete natural frequency indigenous to us within a particular parallel that represents a measure for our physical consciousness.
  • The author has mathematically modeled the problem of vibration and consciousness of an animating body-soul.
  • According to this model the consciousness of a body-SELF in any particular parallel may be given as the square root of a ratio of two parameters: the mass m, which depicts the constitution of the body in a parallel, and the coefficient of consciousness expansibility k, introduced by the author, which is a karmic constant relating to the resilience of a soul [or SELF] to resist karma.
  • Thus, consciousness = √k/m.
  • The higher is k, the higher the consciousness, which depicts a condition in which the soul [SELF] has little or no bad karmic energy stored in itself as a result of all earthly sojourns.
  • And, the lower is the constitution, the higher is the consciousness.
  • According to this model, a SELF essentially behaves like a single degree of freedom [SDOF] harmonic oscillator.
  • And, each harmonic oscillator has its own indigenous natural frequency of vibration that depicts its consciousness.
  • While, a single SELF may be considered as a single harmonic oscillator undergoing a motion like a Simple Harmonic Motion [SHM] with the response of type x = A sin (ωn.t), a soul is composed of myriad of SELVES each animating in distinct bodies in the parallel with their own unique constitution m, and their own karmic constants k, and therefore constitutes a multi degree of freedom [MDOF] system.
  • And, all the parallels exhibit their own unique resonant frequencies ωn .
  • Where, the natural frequency of each SELF is equal to ωn = √kn/mn, with n = 1 to 12.
  • The SELF with lowest consciousness begins to vibrate in the lowest parallel with the lowest frequency.
  • When the light resonant consciousness frequency is higher, a second SELF begins to animate in a different parallel.
  • Each SELF constitutes a particular MODE of vibration of the parent soul.
  • The soul begins to vibrate in a continuum of time and space as a particular SELF when its natural frequency of vibration, equal to the one indigenous to that SELF, becomes equal to the resonant vibrational frequency of that particular parallel.
  • In all, the soul can vibrate in 12 distinct modes as 12 different SELVES.
  • The mathematical problem of the aggregate vibration of the soul is an eigenvalue problem with each natural frequency [12 in all] depicting a distinct eigenvalue [12 in all].
  • With each eigenvalue, there is a corresponding eigenvector, which depicts the mode of vibration for that particular SELF vibrating in the parallel.
  • The eigenvector depicts a particular parallel, or time-space continuum indigenous to a certain dimensional consciousness.
  • So, each dimensional consciousness can be represented by a distinct eigenvector in space-time continuum.
  • The author has devised a methodology in which each dimensional continuum of time and space can be represented by a 2-D planar vector.
  • To summarize: as souls, each of us lives in 12 parallels which represent 12 distinct dimensions of consciousness, with each having its own indigenous continuum of time and space.
  • A soul gets animated through projection of divine light which is coherent, intelligible, and is encrypted with the codes of life, giving consciousness to the soul.
  • The soul often absorbs a band or spectrum of distinct light frequencies and begin to resonate in vibration in 12 distinct dimensional consciousness with each having its own indigenous continuum of time and space.
  • Each dimensional time-space has its own resonant frequency and represents a distinct mode for the vibration of a soul to take place as a SELF.
  • The soul sequentially jumps as a SELF in each dimensional time-space and returns where it originally started from within a certain quantum measure of time that may be approximated by the Planck’s number 10-43 seconds.
  • Each dimensional sojourns of the soul as a SELF is physically unaware of its counterpart in the parallel.
  • The SELVES, are, however, apprised of one another as the aggregate soul in form of a sub-conscious state that is governed by state of dream state, day dream or similar.
  • There are, therefore, two states of consciousness to consider: physical consciousness and the sub-conscious state, at least as far as a soul is concerned.
  • While, physical conscious state is prevalent in each parallel, there is balance-counter balance nature to consciousness.
  • This means in order to reach the sub-conscious state one first needs to quieten the extent of state of physical consciousness.
  • And, physical consciousness is driven by the brain and state of active thinking.
  • Therefore, one needs to quieten the brain before sub-conscious mind can begin to operate.
  • And, this is most effectively accomplished during meditation and self-reflection.Light - build 7 light bodies - achieve higher consciousness a
  • The sub-conscious mind operates through intuitive urges and self inspiration.
  • While the physical consciousness is driven or attributed by the brain through triggering of thought waves, the subconscious mind and the intuitive state is thought to be piloted through the heart employing emotion and love.
  • And, what happens before the light of consciousness shines upon us, i.e., during the ‘darkening period?’
  • When light is projected on a soul, it begins to illuminate with the light of consciousness.
  • As the soul has the capability of retaining its luminosity, it continues to shine.
  • But, continuous luminosity of the soul is contingent upon further projection of light upon its essence.
  • If the projection of the light from the source [e.g. Oversoul] suddenly stops, the light of consciousness in a soul [aspect] begins to fade away, and the soul eventually loses its consciousness all together.
  • This leads to a ‘decaying’ effect that persists for a while, a period that was referred to as the ‘darkening’ interval.
  • The consciousness ‘decay rate’ defines the light quotient, which determines the extent of consciousness within that parallel.
  • Generally, the smaller is the ‘decay rate,’ the more pronounced is the ‘darkening period,’ and the soul ‘aspect’ remains more isolated from the totality of soul’s overall consciousness endeavors.
  • However, as a multi degree of freedom [MDOF] harmonically vibrating [animating] entity, the parent soul is always conscious of the vibrations of all its constituent ‘aspects.’Holographic multidimensionality 2
  • As vibrational characteristics of each of its constituent soul aspect body is infinitesimally small, and thus, linear, the principle of superposition governs the overall vibrational response of all its bodies.
  • This means the soul’s overall vibrational response equals to the algebraic sum of all its constituent parts, and is, thus, accumulative.
  • It is accumulative in terms of all the experiences attained during all lifetime sojourns.
  • And, its overall consciousness expansion is equal to the total consciousness earned by all its constituent soul aspect.
  • Furthermore, the ‘principle of superposition’ also infers that the karmic energies stored within the soul is of an accumulative nature.
  • In this respect, the principle mission and priority of the soul is to remain in touch with all its soul constituents closely, and attentively counsel each and every one of its soul aspects as to avoid negative karma.
  • However, recall that ultimately, each and every soul aspects is endowed with its own ‘Will Power’ of decision making and choosing the ‘right’ probability of endeavor.
  • In this respect, it is of paramount importance to closely stay in touch with the parent soul [the HIGHERSELF] during the course of an incarnational sojourns within a continuum of time and space.
  • And, this may be achieved through frequent meditation and SELF-reflection via careful quieting of the physical brain, which is only privy to a 50-50 probability of correct decision making by itself, as it conforms to the pre-designed binary system of logic and rationality.
  • And, in turn, the quieting of the physical mind state gives way to activating the sub-conscious mind and access to the HIGHERSELF via intuitive stimuli of the heart as our pilot in the driver’s seat.

Fundamentals of Multidimensionality




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Dawn of Ascension Episode 2, Consciousness and Vibration by Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.

Episode 2 [04/05/2015] Dawn of Ascension Show on CCN hosted by Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi: Consciousness and Vibration

Topics of Discussion

  • You are a being of light
  • Megaconsciousness of god
  • Consciousness units
  • Everything is consciousness
  • 3-D physicality
  • Consciousness units vs light
  • Light gives consciousness
  • Coherency of light
  • Crystallinity and order
  • Light quotient
  • God particles
  • Limitation of physical physiognomy
  • Soul fragmentation
  • Wheel of consciousness: soul vs SELFs
  • Clock analogy
  • Wheel of consciousness: oversoul vs souls
  • Mother Gaia
  • Avatars and rishi
  • The 12 physical dimensions
  • Omni earths – Parallel realities
  • 12 soul fragments
  • Sequential jumping
  • Multidimensionality
  • Stroboscopic nature of light
  • Oscillatory nature of light
  • Vibration or animation
  • Everything is vibration/energy [light]
  • Concept of frequency
  • Simple Harmonic Motion [SHM]
  • Dimensions and the frequency domain
  • Natural frequency
  • Resonance and beating
  • Schumann Resonance
  • Degree of Freedom [DOF]/multidimensionality
  • Dark period
  • Planck’s number
  • Gaining frequency in light animate vs inanimate
  • Movie analogy
  • Zero vs infinite frequency discrete vs continuous consciousness
  • Nothingness – mass
  • Nothingness – time
  • Nothingness- frequency
  • Nothingness- multidimensionality
  • Mass impedes consciousness







 To watch the video please click on the following link:

Dawn of Ascension Episode 2

‘Dimensions’ of Consciousness By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.


A geometric model has been introduced for the dimensional depiction of consciousness in space or ‘innerspace.’ According to this model, a consciousness ‘dimension’ may be represented through definition of concentric spherical layers in space/innerspace stretching from an innermost point representing God to the physically identifiable outmost layers. It is further suggested that the illustration of dimensional space may be simplified via definition of a two-dimensional unit vector in ‘the plane of consciousness.’ This plane is defined through specification of an orthogonal set of Cartesian coordinate system composed of time as abscissa and frequency/consciousness, or innerspace as the ordinate axis. In this respect, dimensional consciousness may be defined by the angle that the planar unit vector subtends with the time axis.   


  • At the core of ALL things, animate and inanimate, there exists God the parent, the progenitor.  God lives in all
  • God is of ‘pure’ consciousness.
  • And, ALL that exists is consciousness.The universe as a conscious hologram-revised
  • Everything else exists and operates within magnanimity of God.God within you
  • God is the lightening rod that illuminates ALL things and gives them consciousness.
  • God is timeless and does not occupy any space.
  • The concept of time and space is only indigenous to physicality.
  • Physicality comprises the ‘thickest’ state of all things, which is manifested as ‘matter.’
  • Like light, matter exists as a ‘spectrum,’ encompassing a myriad of constitutions.
  • Matter only depicts the densest and thickest form of all possible constitutions.
  • Beyond matter there exists ‘antimatter,’ which seems stealth to our 5 sensory perception.Black Holes - Matter-antimatter conversion-revised
  • God is of pure ether which constitutes the very extreme range or essence in the infinite spectrum of all things.
  • Physical matter, on the other hand, constitutes the densest and physically identifiable of all things, which establishes the other extreme spectrum of all things.
  • The state of consciousness defines the infinite range of status quo and the domain between the two extremes: pure matter and pure antimatter.

Dimensional Space of Consciousness

  • The domain of ALL things possible may be illustrated by visualizing a series of concentric spheres.Dimenional layers of consciousness
  • At the very core of these concentric circles lies God, which is the very epicenter of ALL things.
  • God is the foundation for all consciousness and the source of genesis of ALL things.Man's yearning for God within
  • As the core expands, ‘units’ of consciousness are created inheriting the spirit of God that venture out to seek their own destiny via their unique experimentation and experience.
  • This gives rise to the advent of ‘soul’ entities possessing ‘free will’ and capable of recording and play back of all that transpires.the soul - revised
  • Like a computer, the soul has a capacity to store knowledge [hard drive], and is capable of memory both real time [RAM] and permanent [ROM].
  • At the heart of the soul there exists a mind [CPU] capable of rationalizing and logic.
  • Furthermore, the mind is the builder and the creator.
  • As the soul ventures ‘out’ from the Source, it traverses spherical domains expanding and circumferencing its point of origin, giving rise to domains of ever-increasing radii of the aforementioned concentric form.
  • There exists barriers between two consecutive spheres defining distinct ‘layers’ of their own locality and characteristic that are referred to as ‘dimensions.’
  • Each barrier has a distinct energetic level associated with it that needs to be reached in order to overcome the repulsive magnetic field separating consecutive spheres as to traverse to the next ‘dimension.’
  • The energetic levels of each barrier from ‘outer’ to ‘inner’ become more intense and higher as we transit to consecutive dimensions WITHIN.
  • The most outer levels represent the realm of physicality.
  • There are a total of 12 such layers.
  • And, as we traverse each layer, from outer to inner, the dimensional level as well as energy and consciousness level associated with them increases.
  • At the very core resides God of infinite consciousness.
  • The individual consciousness of each distinct dimension may be characterized through definition of a parameter known as ‘frequency.’
  • And, a soul animates through light when the frequency of light resonates the soul via exciting its ‘natural frequency of vibration.’ animation-resonance
  • There are two aspects or characteristics associated with dimensional nature of each frequential consciousness level.
  • These may be classified as ‘constitution,’ and ‘resilience.’stability- stiffness-revised
  • Constitution may be sub-categorized as being prevalent in spectrum, encompassing a wide range from matter at one end, and antimatter at the other.
  • The frequency [or consciousness] is inversely proportional to the square root of constitution.
  • Generally, the higher the constitution of matter or antimatter, the lower is the frequency of consciousness.
  • Resilience is a characteristic that has to do with the tendency to ‘contract’ to the source or ‘point’ of God.
  • The higher is resilience, the more is the tendency to join the source of God.
  • The author has proposed a model for the consciousness of an animating soul.
  • According to this model, a soul may be depicted as a ‘harmonic oscillator’ undergoing simple harmonic motion [SHM].
  • A parameter is defined as the ‘coefficient of consciousness expansion,’ which describes the capability of a soul to expand in consciousness.
  • And, in fact, it may seem paradoxical, but ‘expansion’ of consciousness constitutes ‘contraction’ in innerspace, and a tendency to reach WITHIN and the most inner point of all possible dimensions.
  • As, it is at this source that all spheres collapse to a ‘point,’ representing the domicile of God.
  • It is suggested by the author that the coefficient of consciousness expansion is related to the extent of karma stored within the body of the soul.
  • As a harmonic resonator, each soul resembles a spring-mass system in which the mass represents the soul entity and the spring depicts the springing action, or resilience, of the soul in fulfilling its mission to ‘contract’ to the God source.God 2
  • In this respect, the coefficient of consciousness expansion may be defined as the ‘elastic’ karmic force stored within the system of the soul per unit of deflection from the source.
  • And, therefore, the coefficient of consciousness expansion is none other than the springing constant of the soul describing its tendency to ‘bounce back’ to the source.
  • Obviously, the stiffer is this spring constant, the more resistant is the soul to dynamically deflect from animating harmoniously with the God source.
  • And, with each deflection, more elastic karmic energy is built up within the soul.
  • The dynamic or inertia force of the animating soul must first overcome the karmic force for it to be able to reach a state of ‘equilibrium.’
  • Therefore, it is of paramount importance that the soul cleans and cleanses itself from all the karma built up within its system.
  • Any further built up of karma only leads to lower consciousness and diminish its natural frequency of vibration.
  • As a result, a soul can get entrapped within a thicker and thicker dimensional layer in terms of both density of constitution and lower frequential consciousness.
  • Another way of describing consciousness is through definition of the ‘light quotient,’ which describes the state of luminosity of the soul.
  • Generally the thicker and the denser is the state of constitution, the darker is within, and the lower is its transparency and the aptitude to absorb light.Natural Frequency 3
  • And, this is the state of affairs as a soul wonders deeper and deeper in ‘outer’ space depicted by ‘outer’ spherical shells representing ‘lower’ dimensions.
  • Obviously to be further away from the source, which is the source of light and consciousness, is to be situated in the ‘outer’ spherical skin inundated with darkness, higher density, and low light quotient or frequency.
  • There are a total of 356 possible spherical layers depicting dimensions.
  • The realm of physicality or matter constitutes 12 of such dimensions.
  • Therefore, there is at most 12/356 or mere 3.37% of it ALL that can be attributed to matter and realm of physicality.
  • The rest is comprised of antimatter, which depending on its constitutional spectrum, lies within.
  • And, god is the most extreme of ALL, having infinite consciousness, frequency and perfect light quotient, with zero constitution, occupying zero space/innerspace – tending to a single concentrated point within.
  • The author has proposed a scheme for depicting dimensions, which is simple and appealing to the physically discerning mind.
  • The pictorial account of concentric spherical layers introduced in this article may be further simplified graphically as follows.
  • Recall it is the surface layer within the complex system of spherical layers that represents each dimension.
  • As we are dealing with surface area, it makes sense to come up with a planar or two dimensional depiction for dimensional layers.
  • This has been introduced by author through definition of a planar two dimensional Cartesian coordinate system comprised of two orthogonal axes.
  • Dimensional Consciousness - Time Depiction -finalLet the vertical axis depicts space/innerspace defined through specification of frequency [or light consciousness] representing consciousness, and let the horizontal axis depict time.
  • A dimensional space may be defined through specification of a unit vector constructed via subtending a specific angle with the horizontal time axis.
  • This angle, measured in degrees or radians, depicts each dimensional vector.
  • Dividing the two dimensional plane of reference into 4 quadrants, within each quadrant, one can define a total of 89 such angles.
  • Thus, multiplying this number [89] by 4 [number of quadrants], there are a total of 4×89=356 possible angles, and thus dimensions definable in pace.
  • Only the first ‘outer’ spherical dimensional layer or ‘skin’ represented by 3 mutually independent timeline coordinates [representing a 3-D vector] represent our present physical reality space.
  • In 3-D physical reality, there are actually 4 different dimensional aspects to light: physical, mental, dream, and antimatter realms, all existing as one.
  • To exist within physicality is to possess ‘physical consciousness,’ spearheaded by the brain, and brought into manifestation through reincarnation of an ‘aspect’ of soul within matter.
  • Physical reality space has 3 measures: length, width and height.
  • The rest are WITHIN, and belong to the realm of ‘innerspace.’
  • The fabric of physical space is permeated by matter and that of the innerspace by antimatter.
  • In fact, the antimatter realm constitutes our integral core existence.
  • In this respect, we can consider antimatter as the realm of the ‘angelic.’
  • Angelic entities contemplate no physical constitution or matter, and reside within the antimatter realm of ‘sub-consciousness.’
  • And, sub-consciousness is the realm of soul, which is also prevalent in dream state.
  • To delve deeper in an effort to reach the God WITHIN, is to pursue the realm of the parent spirit, and this is referred to as the realm of ‘super-consciousness.’

Soul Fragmentation

  • A sentient ‘soul’ comes to existence through light imparting on the entity.
  • Light is composed of an infinite spectrum of frequencies.
  • Analogous to light, constitution is also comprised of a wide spectrum of myriads of spectral densities.
  • In this respect, matter exists in wide range of spectrum.
  • In order to expand its consciousness more efficiently, a soul fragments itself into a variety of soul aspects called ‘SELVES.’Unconscious Multidimensionality and Soul Fragmentation
  • The dimensional space of consciousness each SELF resides in are usually referred to as the “parallel” dimensions.
  • We are, indeed, multidimensional beings of light surfing all these parallel dimensions at once.
  • At the lowest state, a sentient form, characterized as a ‘SELF,’ constitutes the entity that experiences the sojourns of life in one particular plane of existence in a single fixed time.
  • SELF has parallels that ‘exist’ on parallels of, say earth, in Omni Earths separated by veils of distinct frequencies in both time and space.
  • And, time-space continuum constitutes the very software, the very ‘hologram,’ in which a SELF is ordained to exist within and experience a life sojourn.Holographic multidimensionality 2
  • The aggregate of all such ‘SELVES’ having particular ‘Free Wills’ to experience life in their own unique way and desires is the ‘Soul.’
  • It is the Soul that imparts light of consciousness on different SELVES.
  • It all happens infinitely fast and in an instantaneous manner.
  • All life sojourns occur concurrently.
  • However, this instantaneous perception of all time and space sojourns that a SELF undertakes is absent in one particular lifetime.
  • It is simply too much information to fathom and to process.
  • No singular brain and neurological structure is ever capable to contain or process all this information. 

The Holographic lifetimes of ‘Parallel’ Reality

  • Lifetimes are chosen with specific purpose, and some of these purposes can occur in different frequencies that seem in opposition.
  • Certain lifetimes are dedicated to learning love, others to learning responsible creativity, and others for learning how to manage ‘power’ and strength.
  • In our physical planes there are actually 144 variations of these, 12 primary aspects with 12 subcategories in each.
  • It is not uncommon for lifetimes dedicated to learning service to be in frequential opposition to lifetimes in which we learn how to manage power and develop strength.
  • The beliefs held in lifetimes of service may be very psychologically different from beliefs formed in a lifetime dedicated to developing strength.
  • These varying beliefs may have been necessary and appropriate for the benevolent goals of each sojourn, but as each soul approaches completion, a rebooting is required to ‘update the files’, by removing what no longer serves the higher purpose.
  • Lifetimes of opposing beliefs can become polarized.
  • This is another aspect of ‘soul fragmentation’ that needs to be harmonized.
  • We may develop beliefs in a lifetime of lesser intellect that are limiting to our expanded intelligence in another.
  • And, in the lesser lifetime, those beliefs continue to create the reality of that simultaneous sojourn.
  • We may have a lifetime in which a catastrophic tragedy created a great fear, or a sojourn in which we may have a strong (false) belief in the existence of ‘evil and demons.’
  • Such beliefs can interfere with our development and seem very real to the senses of the entity in that lifetime specifically.
  • The physical senses will perceive according to beliefs, even if the beliefs are limiting and inaccurate to the greater reality.
  • As such, that lifetime will go on creating in a limited paradigm until the soul changes them from its higher seat of power.
  • One can and must transfer learnings from an advanced lifetime into one that is seeming in contradiction.
  • As an example, it may have served us in a lifetime in a religious order to take poverty vows.
  • We may have developed the belief in a series of lifetimes as a priest or a nun that ‘money is evil’ and all material things must be shunned.
  • And now, we may find ourselves in a lifetimes where we understand that money is a tool, and that it is not an evil to be avoided. That it can in fact be utilized in higher good. Yet we are unable to manifest it.
  • With the knowledge that all lifetimes are ongoing simultaneously, we may have 10 lifetimes continuing to reject money, and two trying to create it. In the overall flux we are being grossly outvoted. 

Consciousness Journey in Time

  • We have the ability to go back and up-shift contrary belief into one that fits a greater understanding, a greater truth.
  • Each lifetime is a new start in many aspects.
  • Regression can occur in certain scenarios.
  • We may not be able to perceive this but future epochs influence the present.
  • We think that all lifetimes have a sequential effect in terms of learning ratios.
  • Some of us cannot imagine this but an initial learning experience may actually occur in a future rather than the past.
  • We never understand this phenomenon unless we expand our belief to understand that time is not linear; but is circular.
  • We have the ability to influence all lifetimes in this moment, in this now.
  • Time separations only seems to be real in the purposed illusions of the duality based physical realm.
  • If this purposed illusion did not feel real to us, we would not learn nor ever discern the ‘Law of Cause and Effect.’
  • That is why it is a ‘purposed illusion’ because while we are in duality it is very real.
  • But when we learn that all reality is created by belief we can change the beliefs of untoward experiences in other lifetimes.
  • And, when we do this, we are preparing the final Path of our Ascension.
  • It is a quantum leap.
  • The physical lifetimes in duality are a means of extraordinary growth, of exquisite spiritual evolution.
  • It may seem that humanity in the duality realm has spiraled downward, and that the density aspects are in that sense a devolution of experiencing cause and effect.
  • The greater truth is that lifetimes are freely chosen here in duality.
  • Duality experience is not a punishment, rather a credentialed course in mastery, one that we have deliberately chosen.
  • By harmonizing all simultaneous lifetimes, requisite soul harmony and integrity may be achieved from all aspects of the fragmented soul.
  • There is a Metatronic Key that addresses the requisite harmonizing characteristic of all sojourns. 

The 5 Sub-universes and Higher Expressions of Soul

  • The manner in which our Universe, referred to as the ‘Nebadon Universe,’ is structured is that it consists of 5 sub-universes, each resonating in its own range of allotted vibration frequencies, with own measure of Light quotients, with particular range of energies, accommodating Beings of evolved consciousness within a specific range.Nebadon Universe 2
  • The lowest of these sub-universes, each referred to as a Harmonic universe (HU), is designated as HU1 where we reside.
  • This is the Realm of Reincarnates to experience life with particular identities at a ‘time,’ which perish after a short period of life, referred to as SELFs.
  • So HU1 is the Realm of SELF.
  • The entities experiencing life in HU1 are of lower consciousness and Light quotients, resonating at lower vibrational frequencies when compared with Beings of higher harmonic universes HU2 to HU5.
  • The domain of the HU1 comprises the densest environment within the Universe, which is highly influenced by the force of gravity.
  • Due to the relatively lower velocity of Light emanating within HU1 and the relatively sparse wavelength of the vibrating 1st harmonic universe, there is a perception of ‘time’ to all sentient beings, ‘sensing’ that there is a progression of ‘time,’ and a definite past, present and future seems to be in play.
  • This, of course, is an illusion as everything always occurs in the NOW moment.
  • Reverting back to our discussion of the harmonic universes, HU2 is the Realm of souls without any soul fragmentations or SELFs.
  • Soul fragmentation occurs in the lower harmonic universe HU1 to give the soul the opportunity to divide itself into fragments, each obtaining their own life experiences.
  • This way, a soul can learn more lessons, all simultaneously in the NOW moment, in order to further enhance its evolution by obtaining better optimal consciousness.
  • In a similar trend, the harmonic universe HU3 is comprised of ‘Oversouls’ that emanate Light and animate souls residing in the lower harmonic universe HU2, and is characterized by higher energy, Light quotient, and range of natural frequency of vibration.
  • The distribution of the ‘flashing’ Light onto the souls via the corresponding oversoul may be visualized as a wheel of a bicycle with the oversoul located at the hub of the wheel shining strobes of Light along the many spokes of the wheel with each soul residing at the other ends of the spokes around the rim of the wheel.
  • In the same manner, the harmonic universe HU4 consists of the soul’s ‘Avatars,’ each acting as a parent for the corresponding oversoul in the lower harmonic universe HU3.
  • Finally, as may be readily envisioned, the harmonic universe HU5 consists of soul’s overall parents ‘Rishi,’ which animate avatars in the lower harmonic universe HU4.
  • It is clear that the higher harmonic universes are associated with greater energies within a band of energies that reflect greater natural frequencies and light quotients.
  • Furthermore, the experiences of ALL aspects and expressions of the soul occur simultaneously within the same NOW moment.
  • The 5 harmonic universes are markedly separated and maintained distinct from one another with mutual ‘magnetic repulsion zones.’
  • What is more, is that the energies of any particular harmonic universe HU1 to HU5 are further divided into 3 distinct energy ranges or layers in each, culminating in a total of 15 different possible ‘timelines’ or ‘dimensions’ within the Nebadon Universe.
  • These corresponding outer energy layers are termed as the ‘Ecktatic,’ ‘Polaric,’ and ‘Triadic’ layers, respectively.

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Light-Time Acceleration and its Impact on Consciousness and Ascension By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.


It is discussed that the quanta of light energy being received on earth ever since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 has been progressively increasing causing increases in the velocity of light, speeding up the spin of the earth’s core. This, in turn, has been causing time acceleration as well as providing an opportunity for an up-shift in consciousness for humanity. It is expected that the process of light and time acceleration will continue keeping the gateway for human Ascension open for those who will gain and maintain their light quotients in order to reach the requisite frequency for 5th [and higher] dimensional Ascension.


  • Everything is governed by light.
  • Light is the precursor to ‘life’ and the creator of consciousness in all sentient beings.Divine Light 1
  • Light manifests itself through the life-force potent particulates of reality manifestation, which were termed by our ancients as ‘Akash’ or ‘Adamantine’ particles.
  • And, these particulates are the predecessors to what we now may refer to as the ‘Consciousness Units.’
  • Light is energy, massless photons of light that animate, drive, and propel everything that may be characterized as conscious.
  • Although it cannot be accurately measured by humanity at our current level of academic knowledge, the speed of light has been increasing around our planet.
  • Therefore, ‘light’ is accelerating, and it affects every aspect of our current experience.
  • Indeed, 2012 continued the benevolent mission of light acceleration.


  • Time and space are different aspects of light.Time and Space
  • Time and space are interrelated, conjugate pairs. One is the reverse of the other.
  • Decreased tendency in sensation of time is often accompanied with the increased tendency for the perception of space.
  • The area under the time-space curve depicts the extent of light energy being expended.
  • At one point, both time and space collapse into a foam [point of origin on the time-space continuum curve], and matter to antimatter conversion pursues.
  • This may be referred to as the point of Zero Free [light] Energy.
  • This happens as a result of transformation of black holes containing matter into infinitesimal micro dimensional antimatter-generating white holes.

Time-Space Continuum Program Server and the Grid

  • Consciousness manifests itself as ‘reality.’
  • Reality manifestation occurs through the time-space continuum holographic program server.Dimensional Reality and the Time-Space Server
  • Different epochs and eras associated with such programs can appear suddenly from nowhere and then fade into oblivion.
  • One such example has been the sudden appearance and disappearance of the Mayan civilization.
  • Dimensional reality on Earth is programmed to appear in a time sequence we perceive as linear.
  • It is the consciousness grid that enables the creation of these realities.
  • In truth, all programs are running simultaneously.
  • On the level of the oversoul, many civilizations experience all lifetimes that are occurring at the same time, as well as multidimensionally, in the Unified Field of the Crystalline Multiverse.
  • Reality, in essence, is a computer program facilitated by a server, which in this case, is the 144-Crystalline grid.
  • Through the 144-Grid, the sub- programs of ‘time’ are inserted as hologramic realities.

Demise of Man’s Consciousness

  • Humanity reality manifestation is governed by ‘Consciousness Units.’
  • Since the fall of Atlantis [past 13 millennia], earth has undergone a ‘step-down’ transformation of light consciousness energies.
  • This has resulted in a reduction of the frequencies of earth and the emergence of lower consciousness, giving rise to a ‘dense’ physical reality within a 3D paradigm of duality.
  • In turn, there has been a ‘slowing down’ of the time giving rise to a linear perception of time within a ‘linear’ sequence of time-space continuum.Low dimensions and DOF, time and space
  • Linear time, however, is a functional, purposeful illusion. It has served humanity well through providing a university of higher learning on earth. And, its professor has been ‘Cause and Effect’ through advent of duality.
  • The annihilation of the energy firmament prevalent at the end of the Atlantean era has been followed by advent of polarity and the introduction of electromagnetic light energy causing the phenomenon of duality.
  • The ‘consciousness units’ have been manifesting as what is termed electromagnetic energy units.
  • These electromagnetic energy units were ordained to function in a physical polarity field, and represent the linear space-time aspects of the third dimension.
  • In this respect, the contiguous linear aspect of humanity’s space-time reality has not contained the faster resonate context of ‘crystalline consciousness energy’ indigenous to the higher dimensions.

Mayan Prophesy and the 9th Wave of Ascension

  • There has been 8 other such occurrences during the past history of earth, in which mankind has undergone considerable reduction in consciousness.
  • The latest, being labelled as the 9th wave, and is the ultimate.
  • The Mayan understood this and left us many indicators.
  • This is why many of their pyramids, the pyramid of the Plumed Serpent in Chitchen-Itza, the Pyramid of the Jaguar in Tikal and the Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque were all built with nine stories.
  • The concept of the ‘ninth wave’ is only an interpretation.
  • It is an interpretation that is truly subjective but it has its own benevolent purpose, drawing focus to a ‘unity wave’ that forms its praiseworthy intent.
  • The conceptual intent of the ‘ninth wave’ has a core value, one that is capable of giving momentum to the institution of Unity consciousness, and therefore, has its own advantages.
  • The acceleration of the Ascension energies present the true intrinsic basis for providing the opportunity for expanded consciousness, and these are occurring whether they are termed as the ‘ninth wave’ or not.
  • Of primary importance is that our planet is gaining the appropriate inertia and positive momentum in centering itself in the Galactic field, and this is the crux of present planetary Ascension.
  • As Mayans also predicted, humanity Ascension is to follow.


  • A new paradigm of reality is now setting precedence.Ascension
  • The resonant momentum of the Ascension is quickening the energies.
  • The acceleration of the Ascension energies are truly the basis of the opportunity for increased consciousness.
  • It represents the highest quantum state, and is the basis for a harmonious peace on earth.
  • An important aspect of the Ascension is the centering of all time in the time-space continuum holographic program server.
  • An aperture in the hologram programs of simultaneous time is allowing all holograms to complete themselves in this cycle.
  • And as a result, consciousness acceleration is being experienced on the planet at this time.
  • It is the upsurge in frequencial resonance that is accelerating the ‘potential’ of each individual to shift upward into greater conscious awareness.
  • Humanity Ascension is dependent, and indeed, fortified by the dimensional expansion of the Earth into the ‘crystalline’ realms.
  • This is associated with moving to higher dimensional consciousness characterized by advent of new higher frequencies of vibration.
  • Every dimension has its own light physics and distinct set of universal physical laws associated with it.
  • The crystalline realm begins at the level of the fifth dimension and extends to the 15D in humanities paradigm of the Omni-Earth.
  • What has existed for mankind’s access prior to the dimensional expansion of the Ascension has been a ‘stepped-down’ version of Consciousness Units in what is now termed as electromagnetic energy units, which are ordained to function in the physical polarity field and linear space-time aspects of the third dimension.
  • Crystalline consciousness units operate in a much more rapid frequency, and are prompted into creative manifestation of reality through the higher aspect of mind, in the realm we refer to as the ‘subconscious.’
  • The reality in the 3D paradigm aspect of humanity simply could not contain the faster resonate context of consciousness units in crystalline dimension.
  • Accordingly, it is consciousness shift and quickening of time pulse that are the results of the essential intense energies for generating the requisite powerful resonance.
  • Thus, Ascension, the expansion of 3D humanity to rise into the greater crystalline dimension, absent for many millennia, is now available to the denser physicality of humanity.
  • The recent upsurge of light energies on the planet has enhanced the opportunity for expanded consciousness facilitated via passage through this ‘doorway’ via frequencial jumps occurring on earth today.
  • We are now experiencing the ultimate shift in consciousness (there have been 8 previous ones) that has driven evolution for thousands of years.
  • And, the opportunity for such frequencial leaps has been accentuating ever since the Harmonic Convergence Inception of 1987.
  • Indeed, there have been many astrological influences that have played significant roles in the Ascension.
  • In particular, the equinoxes, solstices and eclipses of 2011 and 2012 have been the original and true potency sources of the energetic contributions toward the field of Unity Consciousness.
  • And, Unity Consciousness is, indeed, a noble aspiration, and is very essential to Ascension.
  • Ascension, in mathematical terms, has been occurring in base 12.
  • The Atlanteans also utilized base 12 in mathematical terms for dimensional expansion.
  • It is perhaps more accurate to say that the Crystalline transition, which is the core essence of the Ascension, has been occurring in 12 waves, in triple dates, from the 01-01-01 through the 12-12-12.
  • The Ascension and unity consciousness has been occurring since 2001, and quickened through 2012.
  • The ’12th-wave’ represents the highest quantum state and constitutes the basis for a harmonious peace on earth.
  • The Ascension expansion of earth curtails 12 dimensions.
  • The 144-Crystalline Grid has been activating in 12 stages through the phenomena of the 12 triple date portals utilizing base-12 mathematics.
  • The base-12, twelve- wave scenario is frequencially fitting to the resonance of the Ascension.
  • There are 12 major ‘Sun-Disc’ on the planet.
  • Each of the 12 Sun Discs carry specific resolve and have been receiving new crystalline codes.
  • Each of the 12 primary apparatuses feed 12 satellites.
  • These are relevant to the 144 in a complex geo symmetry that is suited to the base 12 of the Earth, and indeed, represent the ‘Crystalline 144-Grid.’
  • And, the 144-Crystalline grid is, in essence, a computer server facilitating a ‘software’ program.
  • Through the 144-Grid, the sub- programs of ‘time’ are inserted as hologramic realities.
  • Ascension, in essence, is a Universal truth, and Unity Consciousness has been occurring since 2001, and quickened in 2012.
  • It was a needed achievement.
  • It can be more accurately stated that the 2012 Ascension was the 12th wave of the Ascending Earth, and the movements and forward inertia have been quickening since the dawning of the Harmonic Convergence era.
  • It involved the replacement of the electromagnetic grid by the 12 phase activations of the Crystalline Grid.
  • The conscious divine energy behind what has been termed the Mayan Calendar is independent of, and vastly predates the Maya.
  • It is, in its core, a potent living energy field that is by no means dependent on what is contained in the Mayan calendar or interpreted from the remnants of the calendar.
  • It is far more than what we can imagine it to be. It is dynamic and ever expanding. It is the source energy that allowed the calendar to be composed.
  • Many have thought that the Mayan calendar was about something that would happen on a singular date, but in fact, it was an extraordinary plan from the Cosmos that was divided into 12 different phase of consciousness.
  • The energy of the planet, indeed, has been changing.
  • In this respect, a requisite magnificent up-shifting and purification has been occurring.
  • The earth is transforming as a result of upsurge of light energies causing ascension.
  • This has resulted in reduction of the electromagnetic energies around earth and the advent of a new and pristine form of energies we refer to as Crysto-electric energies.Crysto-electric Grid
  • This has, in turn, been causing a reduction in the arc swing of duality.
  • The integral result of duality reduction is a more compacted experience, one that is perceived in duality as more amalgamated and continuous, and accordingly, less abrupt.Polarity Duality Gravity Fall of Firmament
  • The rate of acceleration is determined by and actuated by the individual’s intent and ability to rise into and obtain the procurable expansive energy.
  • The inertia of time-chronology speeds more quickly today than it did yesterday in linear sequence.
  • It is evident that all is quickening and time is accelerating. 

Relation among Light, Time, and Consciousness Acceleration

  • The curvature of space-time by which time-pulse expands or contracts has a direct relevance to the quanta of light the planet receives at a given time.
  • When a greater quanta of coherent light is present, time pulse flash sequence can and does accelerate, either forward or backward, from our linear perspective.
  • The speed of light around our planet is, indeed, accelerating.
  • Time as we know it is, indeed, accelerating.
  • Time and space are different aspects of light energy.
  • The acceleration of the time pulse we are now receiving is the direct results of the increased velocity of light we are currently experiencing on earth.
  • But, it is not merely the pulse-flash of time sequencing that is increasing.
  • Indeed, humanity is increasing in vibration.
  • Accordingly, 2012 continued to urge mission of light acceleration and our articulate interpretation of consciousness.
  • With this surge, our consciousness shifts into higher tempo.awaken-refine yourself
  • So as time reshapes itself it will also reshape the experience of mankind.

Time-Light Acceleration and its Relation to Reformation of Earth

  • Indeed, our earth is reformulating.Time and Space - gravity, electromagnetics and celestial alignment
  • The Crystalline Grid is transforming light via quickening sequences of space and time as it appears in our dimension, and is indeed, affecting the physical body of the earth.
  • The pulse of time is increasing as the earth reshapes itself.
  • This transformation of spatial time results in an increase in the spinning of the earth’s core.
  • Indeed, the ratio of the inner spin to the axial tilt of the earth determines the time movement in linear earth.
  • As a result of transformation of light, the earth spin is increasing, giving rise to a sensation of time acceleration and perception of a faster progression of time.
  • Time as we know it, is indeed, accelerating.Time
  • This is the reason why there seems to be fewer hours in the day, and one cannot seemingly accomplish the same number of tasks within the same perceived measure of time.
  • Time as being measured in 3D traditionally is out of sync with the relevant pulse of time flash of consciousness.
  • The time flash aspect of consciousness is now increased by approximately 25%, but our ability to adjust to this effect has not equalized.
  • Therefore, it ‘seems’ to that time passes more quickly relative to what humanity experienced three decades ago.
  • Although it cannot be accurately measured by humanity at our current level of academic knowledge, the speed of light has increased.
  • It is evident that all is quickening, time is accelerating as the Ascension has been downing upon us.
  • The moments, hours and days flash by much quicker.
  • So as time reshapes itself, it will also reshape the experience of mankind, of visible and invisible forces of nature and that of the face of the earth itself.
  • Strictly speaking, however, time does not exist at all.Time is an Illusion - Program Server - 3D only
  • It only characterizes the passing sequence of one event being accomplished after another.
  • In our civilization on earth and within our perceived paradigm of reality, we often associate the progression of time as the continuous passage of daylight-to-night sequence as our planet is revolving about itself.
  • What needs to be said is that the spin of earth occurs as a direct consequence of divine sunlight energies being impended upon it that generates the sensation of linear time.
  • In reality, linear time has been a purposeful illusion.
  • The world now remakes itself as the inertia of time speeds up more quickly today than it did yesterday in terms of linear sequence of time chronology.
  • Linear Time is conceptual within duality.
  • Linear time signifies the expansion and contraction of the duality-polarity aspects of the 3rd dimension.
  • In reality, the acceleration of time pulse lessens the arc swing of duality.
  • The integral result of this is a more compacted experience, one that is perceived in duality as more consolidated and seamless, and accordingly, more refined and less abrupt.

Crystalline Consciousness

  • Dimensional reality on earth has been traditionally programmed to appear in a time sequence that we perceive as linear.
  • The crystalline dimensions begin at the level of the 5th dimension.5th dimenson consciousness
  • Each dimension above the 3rd, beginning at the 5th, has its own unique Laws of Physics and own succinct time pulse.
  • Light becomes crystalline coherent light at the level of the fifth dimension, and increases in velocity and frequency in each higher dimension.
  • “In time, time disappears.”
  • The crystalline core of the earth is now spinning faster and the ratio of the inner spin to the axial tilt of the earth determines the time movement in linear earth.
  • It is, indeed, appropriate to say that the clocks and chronometers of the earth no longer accurately measure the pulse of time as received from the flashing pulse of consciousness – the reality sequence, as perceived by the brain.
  • The settings we perceive in our physical earth in linear time, the aspects of life as we generally capture it are purposed illusions.
  • Consciousness shift and quickening of time pulse are essential in order to conform to the intense energies needed for generating the requisite powerful and fast resonance of ‘crystalline’ consciousness.
  • Simply, the 3D humanity consciousness requires expansion in order to rise into the faster crystalline dimension, and therefore, effect ascension.
  • The crystalline realm begins at the level of the fifth dimension and extends to the 15th D in humanity’s paradigm of the Omni-Earth realities.
  • Crystalline consciousness units operate in a much more rapid frequency, and operate in the higher aspect of humanity mind, in the realm referred to as the ‘subconscious.’
  • It is the upsurge in frequencial resonance that is accelerating the ‘potential’ of each individual to shift upward into greater conscious awareness.
  • Humanity Ascension is dependent and indeed fortified by the dimensional expansion of the Earth into the ‘crystalline’ realms.Pre-requisites of Multidimensionality

Brain, Mind, Consciousness

  • The settings we perceive in our physical earth in linear time, the reality of life as we generally perceive, is purposeful illusion.
  • The purposed illusion of linear time is deciphered by the brain according to fixed signals received initially by the mind, and then again, are influence by the changing speed of light.
  • Thus confusion or misconception can occur in the brain.
  • It is important to understand that the mind is quite distinct from the brain.
  • The human brain is a physicalized aspect of mind.
  • The brain occupies physical matter and space. It interprets and exists in time.
  • The mind takes up no space; it does not have its core existence within linear time.
  • The reality of the ‘inner universe’ does not occupy material space, nor does it have its intrinsic essence in linear time.
  • It functions in dream state in the form of ‘sub-consciousness.’
  • Our illusory physical reality is not the true reality that our divine mind, our soul exists in.
  • The divine mind’s perceptions are determined by Cosmic Forces that are now shifting.
  • In essence, time and space are different aspects of the light energy.
  • The speed of light around our planet is constantly increasing as a result of upsurge of light energies being bombarded upon our planet.
  • In terms of physics, the curvature of space-time by which time-pulse expands or contracts relates to the exact quanta of light present in a particular space quadrant.
  • As such ‘light’ is accelerating, and it is affecting us.
  • It is not merely the pulse-flash of consciousness and its consequent time sequencing that is increasing; indeed, it is humanity that is increasing in vibration frequency.
  • The event has been escalating since the Harmonic Conversion of 1987.
  • The Schumann resonant vibrational frequency of earth has been continually increasing from around 7.83 Hz at the inception of the Harmonic Resonance timeline to what may be perceived as being around 13 Hz today giving rise to a ‘new age’ of progressively expanding consciousness.Schumann Resonance 2
  • The upsurge in the Schumann Resonance of earth and the expanded consciousness of mother Gaia oversoul is being accompanied with a surge in consciousness in people of earth.
  • Accordingly, the mission of 2012 has continued with light acceleration and is still increasing our eloquence of consciousness.
  • With this surge in our cognitive expression of life, we continue to shift into higher dimensions.

Ascension: a Personal Choice

  • Having the expansion of energies that make Ascension probable does not mean each individual will immediately utilize the newly made available prospect. Indeed, the choice to do reside with humanity, and depend on the subtle, particular decision of each individual.
  • Ascension is then a personal option, depending on the willingness, inclination, the pure intent, and indeed, the light quotient/frequency of the individual.Ascension- Expand Consciousness
  • For Earth is a free will, free- choice environment by design.
  • The energetic blend occurring on the planet at this time provides the opportunity for expanded consciousness.
  • Yet, such a prospect is only possible through clear intent in crossing the threshold through the ‘doorway’ and through gaining the frequencial prerequisite provided on the ‘present’ earth.
  • The energy of the planet is, indeed, changing, and an essential superlative up-shifting and cleansing is now happening.
  • Remember that prophesies of the Mayans and others only refer to this prerequisite frequency for each prospective soul to achieve ascension.
  • It is, therefore, better said that the factor of conscious shift is determined by the consciousness of the individual, and not any other preset factor(s).
  • Indeed, the choice remains with humanity, and is contingent on the diligent decree of each person.
  • Ascension occurs one heart, one mind at a time. It has always been so.Ascension- stay on path
  • Consciousness acceleration made available through the present advent of ‘Ascension’ is not subject to any fixed ratio.
  • The rate of acceleration is triggered by the individual’s intent and ability to rise into and obtain the prospective expansive energy. For Earth is a Free Will, free- choice environment by design.
  • Ascension is not a magical ‘pixy’ or star-dust that immediately transforms all that it touches. Rather, now there exists a newly opened frequencial doorway that the individual may choose to pass through when ‘prepared.’Project joy and light-Ascension is on track

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Crystalline Consciousness and the Dawn of Ascension By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.


The dawn of the new crystalline age and the Ascension progression has been discussed within the context of the new 144 Crystalline Grid and its relevance to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, the Cosmic Trigger of the triple dates, and the anticipated new firmament.


  • The Crystalline Grid is the energetic lattice that covers our planet.Crysto-electric Grid
  • It reflects and amplifies our consciousness.
  • It is a crystalline ‘light’ matrix that was anchored in 1992, five years after the harmonic convergence.Crysto-electric Web
  • In place and functional, its total activation has involved 12 phases, with full resonant vibratory rate achieved on the 12-12-12; December 12, 2012.
  • The ‘triple’ dates ( 01-01-01 thru 12-12-12) that occurred uniquely for 12 years, each carried numeric light codes that opened and activated each of the 12 major facets of this amazing template, with the last one activating on 12/12/12.
  • Visualize the grid as a geodesic sphere, of pentagons and triangles, sparkling as a faceted, brilliant diamond.
  • It is a crystal of new form, the double penta-dodecahedron.
  • The double penta dodecahedron has 144 facets.
  • Each dodecahedron has 12 major pentacles with 60 facets, adding the 12 truncated pentagons and doubling this comes to 144.
  • The Crystalline grid is the template, ‘the window program’ that allows all life to accelerate in light format.
  • Analogously speaking, the crystalline Ascension Grid is ‘Windows 2012,’ and indeed, it is quite necessary for our ascension.
  • The Ascension or Crystalline 144 grid has been anchored into Earth.
  • It was an emerging system that fully activated on 12/12/12, one that in truth has always been present, but not accessible, until after the Harmonic Convergence of 1987.
  • The Crystalline 144 grid became anchored in 1992, and its scheduled activation began in 2001.
  • The Planetary Grid Template System is a three-in one ‘Trinity’ system.
  • There are three grids encompassing our planet now, each having a separate geometry, frequency, function, and dimensional aspect.

The 144-Grid and the Harmonic Convergence

  • It has been said that the crystalline grid made its debut after the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. That is not exactly the case; the Crystalline Grid has always been there in parallel and probability.universal truth 2
  • However, mankind achieved the potential to sense the crystalline grid more lucidly after the Harmonic Convergence
  • The Harmonic Convergence was an organized spiritual benchmark event that occurred on August 16 and August 17, 1987, when groups of people gathered in various sacred sites and ‘powerpoints’ all over the world to herald a new frequencial vibration.
  • This date was based on the Mayan calendar and Mayan cosmology.
  • The Harmonic Convergence was a global awakening to unity and divine love; an opportunity for transformation.
  • It was initiated in 1987 by Jose Arguelles.
  • According to his interpretation of Mayan cosmology, this date was the conclusion of 22 cycles of 52 years each, or 1144 years.
  • The Harmonic Convergence also began the final 26 year countdown to the end of the Maya calendar in 2012, which would be the “end of old history” and the beginning of a new 5,125 year cycle.
  • According to the prophesy, this was the turning point where all the negativity and paths of destruction, war, materialism, violence, abuses, injustice, governmental abusive of power, would end with the birth of the 6th Sun and the 5th World on Earth on the winter solstice of 2012, December 21, 2012.
  • The 1987 Harmonic Convergence was a measurement of Earth’s vibratory level test.
  • The Earth revealed a far greater measurement of ‘light’ than ever before.
  • For the first time since the ‘great fall’, the planet carried more ‘light’ than ‘dark’. As a result, grids required ‘adjustments’.
  • The gravity grid was adjusted to lessen the ‘veil’ separating humans from their higher dimensional aspects.
  • The electromagnetic grid was adjusted to enable a greater vibratory rate, and this is particularly enacted within the energy of grid points and sacred sites.
  • The crystalline grid took on a new, higher geometric model, capable of regulating a far more sophisticated light code than the old icosahedron.
  • If you take an Icosahedron and join together with lines every other point inside the form, you create twelve pentacles or five-pointed stars.
  • If you extend the outer edges of the Icosahedron and join these node points together, you create a second group of twelve pentacles or stars.
  • This becomes a new crystalline form called a double penta-dodecahedron, composed of twelve double-pentacles equally spaced across the surface of the globe.
  • The Crystalline 144 grid is now emerging beyond the icosahedron.
  • The crystalline double penta-dodecahedron is now born.
  • The evolved geometry is divinely fashioned to resonate with a higher frequency for the New Earth [Terra Nova]. Terra Nova - New Light
  • Scientists such as Dr. Greg Braden are noting that weather patterns are changing, climates are in major flux and migration routes of birds are altered.
  • Whales and dolphins are beaching themselves far more often since the harmonic convergence.
  • The Earth’s geomagnetic field is changing, and changing fast.
  • The Earth’s heartbeat, the Schumann resonance is said to be increasing by some knowledgeable geophysicists.Schuman Resonance 4Schumann Resonance 5
  • Volcanic activity, earthquakes and super hurricanes are occurring more often.
  • The phenomenon of global warming is in effect, and the polar ice caps are melting.
  • Solar storms and their resulting winds are sweeping the planet at a rate higher than has ever been recorded.
  • This is undeniably an incredibly monumental transformation of global proportion.
  • The planet’s frequency is increasing, and our concept of time is speeding up.
  • The planet being prepared has vaulted into the 4th and 5th dimensions.
  • The new ascension grid has been increasing in frequency as the magnetic grid is lessened. The dual grid complex has evolved into a trinity matrix.
  • A crystalline frequency is being transmitted to the planet.
  • This validates the prophesized change in the grid system foretold by Kryon.
  • We are now part of the new crystal formation, the Crystalline-144 Ascension Grid.
  • One of the most meaningful avenues available to us in the ascension process has come together for us as Lightworkers-that of ‘unity,’ that is awakening all humanity and our bond with the Living Earth and the living Cosmos by invoking ‘loving’ energies.
  • By giving support to the ascension grid, we accelerate both its activation and our own.
  • The planetary Ascension Grid is a manifestation of the energy being evolved, and patterned growth of the Universal Consciousness.
  • Sacred geometry is the language and fabric of higher dimension, higher consciousness.
  • Accordingly, the grid contains the sacred geometry energy patterns of the golden phi, the Flower of Life, and the crystal matrix of creation.
  • The triple dates [e.g, 01-01-01, January 1, 2001], which occurred each year all the way through 12-12-12, are numeric frequency portals that in fact were each aligned to activate one of the 12 major facets of the 144 Crystalline Geodesic Grid, the double penta dodecahedron.
  • The crystalline grid became fully activated in December of 2012.Ascension did occur - updated
  • As predicted so long ago by Mayans and the Hopi Indians, a new world began.
  • The year 2007 tipped the balance, with more than half of the Crystalline 144 being in operation.
  • There are many tools operating in concerted effort to increase the planet’s frequency.
  • Among the most important are the light portals that are geometrically and magnetically aligned to the Crystalline Grid and specific points in the cosmos.
  • These ‘Sacred Sites and Power Points’ are locations on the planet with frequencial and electromagnetic properties that allow higher dimensional coded light and energy to flow into our reality.
  • Many lightworkers are drawn to them.
  • These are the auxiliary apparatus of the Crystal Grid assisting to manifest Ascension.
  • These were particularly powerful on the equinoxes, solstices and trinity numeric frequency dates, leading up to the 12-12-12.
  • When Lightworkers and seekers visit these sites, they are able to align themselves to the Crystalline Grid trinity, to anchor themselves to its frequency, and to activate their hearts to the activation of the Ascension grid.

Merging into the 144-Crystal Grid

  • We are energetic beings surrounded by a potent electromagnetic field.Coherent Theta Field
  • We chose to be part of the ascension process and the ascension of the living Gaia.
  • We channel inward great flows of cosmic divine energy with the capacity to direct this light outward through directed meditative thought for the highest good.
  • By unifying our energies in coordinated elated states, we form a powerful light vortex.
  • This energy can cleanse and activate each one of us, according to our intent.
  • Our intent is light of the highest order, transferred to the new 144-Crystalline Grid vibration, the new crystal matrix of Gaia.
  • We are, indeed, extreme energetic apparatus in motion.
  • Our desires express energy and call for a new finer frequency.
  • Ascension is indeed, upon us, an event that is heralded throughout the Universe, observed by many on this dimension and higher.
  • Humankind and the planet are evolving into the crystalline vibration.
  • In order to ascend, our frequency needs to evolve into the crystalline state.
  • As this occurs individually and in a planetary fashion, our matched frequencies resonate harmonically, and so we gain access to the grid.
  • All around us there is energy, and myriad life is taking place, but we need to be in sync with this frequency in order to sense it.

The 144-Grid and the Higher Dimensions

  • Dimensions are defined by wavelength or frequency.Frequency and Dimension
  • Higher frequency for the planet is required in order to move into higher dimensions.
  • We need access to the 144 Crystalline Grid, and this is a gradual process.
  • The grids reside in diverse frequencial space, in different dimensions.
  • However, there is common ground in which they all share.
  • Access to the 144 Crystal Grid occurs on an individual basis initially, but as it gains momentum, it will occur in mass as our consciousness is increased to certain threshold values.
  • As the 144 Crystal presents itself, we move into higher dimensions.
  • This is why some of us are in the fourth and fifth dimension already.
  • In general, the masses are not.
  • It is not a condition for existence.
  • Some will not choose to ascend, but they will not disappear or die off either.
  • There will be other opportunities based upon sacred geometry that support third dimensional life, and it will continue to do so.
  • The grids fit into the dimensional format of the planet, in a certain harmonic.
  • The geometries of the trinity grid are the dodecahedron, icosahedron and double penta-dodecahedron, or as it is alternatively called, the 144-Crystal.
  • The very shape of each defines its frequencial quotient and its dimensional extent.
  • They are concentrically encased within one another, but through what may be termed a time-release multi-dimensional expansion and contraction.
  • From a Dimensional sense, the gravity grid dodecahedron extends from the first dimension to just below the third dimension, and is generally located below the surface of the planet.
  • The electromagnetic or human grid icosahedron fluctuates from the first and second dimension to just below the fourth dimension.
  • The icosahedron electromagnetic grid is the geodesic sphere, most closely aligned to the planet’s surface.
  • The Crystalline144- Grid extends from the fourth dimension to the ninth.
  • Above the ninth dimension, it changes form and extends to the 12th in another geometric form.
  • Geometry is relative to the dimensional frequency from which it is viewed.
  • From our perspective the crystalline does appear to move into the 12th, but in truth it does so with a different geometry, the polyhedron 120.
  • The polyhedron 120 grid contains the 144, within its 182 composition.
  • The dodecahedron, the icosahedron and Crystalline 144 (double-pentadodecahedron) do not spin, do not rotate.
  • But, it can be said that they expand and contract, that they ‘breathe.’
  • And, each of the greater complex grid geometries contains the one below it.
  • While from dimensions one to nine the grids do not spin, above the 9th the 120 Polyhedron grid does, indeed, spins in what is termed the golden ellipsoid, relative to the creation frequency of the golden phi.
  • In our universe the golden ratio is of utmost importance.
  • This geometry and frequency will not come into a major role on our planet for some years.Crysto-electric Grid 3
  • The 120 Polyhedron has a greater frequency, the geometry of 182.
  • It should perhaps be called ‘the 182 Polyhedron.’
  • As prophesized by many sources, the question is whether Earth was on a plan of termination prior to the Harmonic Convergence.
  • The answer is NO, Earth was not patterned for destruction prior to the Harmonic Convergence!
  • Earth would have survived and be recreated.
  • It was simply patterned to become a different entity.
  • It was humanity that was scheduled for termination and not the Earth.
  • A meteor crashing into the earth with a diameter of over 1 kilometer would, indeed, have made wiped out most of humankind, and made the planet uninhabitable.
  • Now the Earth is a living entity, and has been conscious in all of her forms.
  • As a gaseous fiery sphere, the earth was just as conscious as she is now.
  • It is ironic that man speaks of saving the planet, while what is truly being saved is man’s ability to live upon the Earth.
  • The planet will survive even if man has destroyed the resources required for his biology to sustain itself.

The Significance of the Trinity Dates

  • The ‘trinity dates,’ the 01-01-01 to the 12-12-12, were important for presetting the frequencial activation of the grid.
  • However, the more important factor in activation of consciousness lies within active evolution of human itself.
  • The 12-12-12 and the 12-21-12 (they are the same) are important numerological and astrological triggers for the planet and grid system, but a more powerful trigger is that of mankind’s degree of ascension.
  • Intent and Will are far important than any astrological or numerical stimulus.
  • The trinity dates are important, but NOT more important than moments or triggers of the Free Will, which can potentially accelerate the geometric activation of the crystalline frequency.
  • The Will potential speeds the interaction. It would be a catalyst that would open the crystalline grid into greater function- sooner than scheduled.
  • Do not believe that the ascension could not have occurred before 2012. It could.
  • In terms of humanity’s anticipated awareness of its cosmic ties to the 144 Crystal, these dates were pre- programmed, as described relating to the 12 facets of the grid, leading to 2012.
  • As of 2007, we were slightly ahead of schedule.
  • An important frequencial portal occurred that was quite significant to the Crystalline 144 Grid. That was July 7, (the 07-07-07) the ‘triple ‘7.’
  • This frequencial activation was the firing up of the 7th of the 12 major pentacles of crystalline grid.
  • As such, the Ascension frequency was ‘over the hump’, beyond the mid-point.
  • The inertia has been building ever since. Time is speeding up.
  • All of us are innately aware of this within our higher perceptions.
  • In essence, our days now contain less than 18 hours despite the fact that our clocks measured them to be 24 hours.
  • However, our bodies know better biologically. It is programmed to do so.

The 144 Grid Completed on 12-12-12

  • In 2012, on the 12-12-12, the Crystalline Grid completed.
  • The 12 dimensional fields joined, with the dimensions 5-12 in crystalline format.
  • As such, all crystals on the planet amplified and harmonized.
  • Those of you that work with Phi Crystals will be able to sense a great and greater leap within their energy resonance.
  • Utilization of the Phi Crystal into thought amplification will remarkably increase.
  • The intricate rebooting of the Crystal Vortex fully completed, fully networked in a global aspect in 12-12-12.
  • On 11-11-11 the Platinum Crystal was activated, it set forth an enormous crysto-wave pulse that intertwined with the energies of the Blue Crystal of Knowledge and the Emerald Crystal of Healing, both located by design in the Arkansas Crystal fields, by the Atlanteans of the Law of One.
  • These energies triggered into Global span, on the 12-12-12, the Crysto-Golden Sun Disc located beneath sacred Pinnacle Mountain near Little Rock.
  • The Sun Disc activation was a significant event that was felt across the Earth, and Indeed, the Cosmos.
  • The Crysto Golden Sun Disc was put in place by the Sirians in alignment with 11 other locations across the planet.
  • It originally weaved the energies of the areas of the Arkansas Crystal Vortex, the crystalline, the magnetic and the radioactive living waters.
  • In addition to the Sun-Disc, there were Pyramidal Structures used to refine the energies of the vortex.
  • The complexes of the Toltec Pyramidal Mounds (near Little Rock, Arkansas) were the last constructs of these and still remain visible today.
  • The end result was a complex energy generator stream capable of myriad benevolent function.
  • The capabilities varied from energy feeds to the Atlantean hyper tunnel system, the Crystalline Satellite (Second Moon of Atlantis) as well as feeding refined energies to the crystal poser system that powered Atlantis.
  • The vortex was essentially de-energized in its true function after the demise of Atlantis.
  • It has in the past decade been prepared for its activation, or rather re-activation.
  • The sacred codes for the reprogramming are within the Akashic Field, the Crystalline Paradigm, within the sacred conscious library of MAX, the 13th Crystal Skull of the Pleiadean-Sirian Alliance.Crystallus Maximus
  • MAX, indeed, was in the Crystal Vortex for the final re-programming on the 12-12-12.

The Mechanics of Earth’s Ascension

  • The energy of the Earth’s crystalline core is spinning much faster than it did two decades ago.
  • The speed of light is in fact NOT constant, and is increasing.
  • The 144 Crystalline Grid is bringing many changes to our physical reality through laws of physics and laws of consciousness that are currently beyond the scope of most of humanity.
  • If we accept the postulates that are given to us from the higher dimension, it is easier to understand the changes that are taking place, changes that both our body and higher mind readily sense and feel.
  • Time is, indeed, speeding up and will continue to do so.Time Acceleration

The Return of the Crystalline Firmament

  • As our Ascension completes itself, we will have greater access to the multi- dimensional aspects of ourselves.
  • In truth, for some of us, the Ascension has, for the most part, already occurred, in terms of multidimensionality.
  • The grids have grown into completion.
  • Beyond the 144 Crystalline, will be the Polyhedron 120 Geodesic sphere, and it will achieve its completion by the year of 2024.
  • Multidimensional access will be fully achieved with the Crystalline Grid.we live in a hologram 4a
  • In truth, the Polyhedron 120 is a greater aspect of the crystalline field.
  • The completion of the grid system will complete a cycle that will lead to the eventual establishment of a ‘Crystalline Firmament.’
  • The Crystalline Firmament will evolve in a sequence after the adjustment of the axial and polar energies of the planet; after the changes of what is termed global warming; after the planet sheds her old skin and beautifies herself with a new one.Firmament Completion -best
  • The very completion of the perfect geometric form germinates a new field from its unified perfection; and that field is called the Crystalline Firmament.
  • It will emerge as two great elliptical bands of energy that intersect at 90-degree angles around the planet.
  • One will carry the color and essence of platinum, the other of gold.
  • One will be electrical in nature the other magnetic.
  • Their energies will circulate in modulated opposition, and the field between the two will encompass the planet in a spherical manner.
  • And, from this a conscious self-aware field circumnavigates the planet to allow for an even greater perfection of the Earth.
  • This Crystalline Firmament will allow for what was termed by the ancients as the 1000 years of peace; better said, as a modulated amplification of balanced resonance. The magnetics of the planet will be in supreme, optimal balance.
  • The Earth and Human Kind will have need for the Crystalline Firmament.
  • It will deflect meteorites and comets.
  • It will lessen the effects of gamma rays into the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • It will come forth by a natural and scientific effort.
  • It is the natural offspring of the completed crystalline grid.

Crystalline Orbs

  • Orbs are not new to the Earth dimensions, but were stepped down from crystalline in order to be tangible in duality.
  • These will vastly increase in quantity and quality.
  • These most often occurred as blue or golden spheres before the establishment of the 144-Crystalline Grid.
  • The Crystalline Orbs are light energies of higher dimension and operate in crystalline function.
  • They are receptacles and tools of coded Akash and are evidence of the increasing presence of the Quantum Crystalline Field.
  • They contain requisite particulate of matter/antimatter imbued with purposed intent, or blueprints.
  • They are Divine Conscious Intelligence that hold keys to Earth and humanities re-formation.
  • To be more precise, they are magnetic blueprints that beckon and attract higher energies that complete the process and link the chains of transformation.
  • They are catalytic mechanisms of the Ascension, and occur in myriad geometrical matrices.
  • Some of the orbs effect the transformation of humans, and others are for the macro conversion of the planet.
  • Orbs are crystalline charges of expansion.
  • At present most humans can only see these ‘orbs’ through digital technology photograph images and intuitive ‘third eye’ perception.
  • The Crystalline phase of the Cosmic Trigger will enable these to be seen with the naked eye for those of us who attract them through our light quotient advancement.

The New Crystalline Age

The Crystalline Realm

  • Crystalline energy is an omnipotent power source that has implications far beyond humanities current understanding.
  • Crystalline structure is formed by an essence of frequencial light resonance that is multidimensional and coherent, existing in matter and antimatter.
  • The graduation of our planet, which is termed the ‘Ascension,’ is in effect the critical conversion of Earth from electromagnetic to crysto-electric energies.
  • The Crystalline Conversion through the antennae of the 144-Crystalline Grid is vastly increasing our Earth’s dimensional reception from 3D to 12D and beyond.
  • It is akin to changing from the archaic reception. It is the Crystalline Age.becoming crystalline
  • The source was the Cosmic trigger in-flood of light. It is a lot of energy to manage.
  • It is the Metatronic divine template that sources all creation manifestation and forms the very matrix composition of every plane of existence.
  • It is the enzyme of reality and the vitality spring of the Cosmos itself.
  • The very thoughts you have must rise to coherent crystalline format in order to become manifested.
  • Coherent light is crystalline energy, the very vitality of which forms the integral nature of all worlds and realities.Gaining Frequency in Coherent Light
  • The crystalline structure forms the apparent boundaries and divisions between dimensions, planes and the matter / antimatter flash of consciousness, in parallel and probability. All is crystalline.
  • It is a lot of energy to manage.
  • It is, indeed, the time for Ascension. It is the New Crystalline Era, as it was during the glorious time of Atlantis.Light rays- awakening or activating 12 strands of DNA
  • However, this time crystallinity will not be used for any purpose other than the highest good.
  • Be assured of this! It is a sacred oath that is promised by Lord Metatron according to mankind’s Will, and indeed, will be kept.LightBody

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On The Mechanics of Physical Dissemination of Consciousness  By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.


The mechanics of the phenomenon of consciousness as it is disseminated upon us is explored in this article. It is discussed that consciousness is imparted upon humanity through the Earth Grid via holographic reality software, encoded as binary language of light, using the concept of time-space continuum server. The possible relation among time, speed of light, and geometric configuration of planet is explored. It is suggested that ever since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 the speed of light has been increasing, causing time acceleration, in turn, leading to consciousness expansion as a preparation for humanity ascension.   


  • Being ‘static’ is being still or ‘lifeless.’
  • Movement or ‘dynamism’ is ‘life’ – being in vibration or oscillation.
  • Vibration occurs with respect to a static equilibrium position, the condition of no movement, no time.
  • Dynamism [in space] is conjugate to passage of time.
  • One cannot be physically dynamic without traversing ‘time.’
  • Time is always a factor in the governing equation as ‘movement in space’ is.
  • Light energy is expended in order to ‘animate’ or ‘vibrate’ the sentient soul.
  • This, in turn, means ‘bringing to life’ or giving it ‘consciousness.’
  • Consider a plot of space versus time that would characterize the motion or ‘vibration’ of a soul.SHM of a Soul
  • Let the horizontal axis depict time and the vertical ordinate to represent movement or deflection in ‘space.’
  • In this respect, the vertical axis denotes space.
  • In physicality, space can be divided into ‘innerspace’ and outer space.
  • Innerspace is within.
  • During the course of vibration there are two phases of movement: movement in outer space, and the movement in ‘innerspace.’
  • Outer space is associated with physical consciousness.
  • Innerspace is associated with the dark period, which is the realm of ‘sub-consciousness’ and even possibly ‘superconsciousness.’
  • Movement in outer space, during the physical conscious phase, occurs in matter.
  • The vibration phase during the dark period or sub-conscious phase takes place within ‘antimatter.’
  • Sub-consciousness depicts ‘ethereal’ or sojourn within ‘antimatter.’
  • The area under the response history curve [time-space response] depicts the free energy of the light expended.
  • The incipient point in the response history characterized by zero space as well as zero time is called the point of zero ‘free’ energy.
  • Light energy animates [sets to vibration or to life] a sentient soul.
  • Life or consciousness is intimately associated with the continuous conversion of matter to antimatter and vice versa.
  • It is a Metatronic process that occurs as a result of collapse of ‘black holes’ containing matter and their regeneration in the form of antimatter via infinitesimal ‘white holes.’
  • The whole process is totally conservative and reversible, being totally recoverable without any dissipation of energy, thus conforming to the principle of conservation of energy.
  • In terms of a mechanical process, the antimatter half cycle is completely the mirror image of that of the matter half cycle.
  • Each cycle of matter to antimatter conversion and vice versa has its own unique and distinct frequencial signature.
  • And, this unique frequency defines a particular time-space continuum or ‘dimension.’
  • Animation occurs when the natural frequency of a ‘body’ matches the resonant frequency of a particular dimension.
  • In this respect, one can only be envisioned to appear or disappear from one particular ‘dimension’ at a time.
  • There are clearly ‘energetic barriers’ separating different dimensions, creating a veil between two dimensions that need to be unraveled in order for a distinct dimension appear out of another one.
  • Usually the higher frequency pertaining to a higher dimension ‘contains’ the lower dimension.
  • As a result, one can ‘see’ from the higher dimension through the veil as to what is aspiring in the lower dimension. But the opposite is not true.
  • In this respect, the dimensional veil acts as a one-way mirror, being capable of accessing the lower dimension from a higher one.
  • Being multidimensional is synonymous to resonating with multi degrees of freedom, with each degree of freedom characterizing a particular dimension.
  • In this respect, each mode of vibration is defined by a specific ‘eigenvector’ that depicts a particular dimensional space.
  • Regarding a dimensional space as a ‘plane’ of existence, it therefore, becomes necessary and sufficient to characterize each eigenvector with a planar vector within a two dimensional space.dimensional characterization of Space
    Dimensional Aspect of Multiverse
  • This 2-D vector can be defined by a scalar length and an orientation angle with respect to a fixed frame of reference such as the abscissa (taken as time) in a two dimensional Cartesian Polar Coordinate System.
  • Assume that the domain of each one degree angle constructed from intersection of two consecutive vectors [adjacent dimensions] represents a given dimension.
  • Since there are 89 such domains definable within a particular quadrant of the planar Cartesian Coordinate System, and because there are a total of 4 such quadrants possible, there are 4×89=356 possible dimensions in all [also verifiable by the teachings of Lord Metatron].
  • Twelve of these planes are specific to the domain of matter or ‘physicality.’
  • The first three dimensions are the realm of ‘Selfs.’
  • There are twelve possible ‘parallel’ dimensions that can accommodate the 12 ‘Selfs’ belonging to a particular ‘soul.’
  • These all coexist simultaneously.
  • A ‘Self’ being situated on a wheel of consciousness, being animated- gaining consciousness, sequentially jumps to another position on the wheel, assuming the role of a ‘parallel self,’ during the ‘dark period,’ and the antimatter cycle of oscillation/vibration.Wheel of consciousness - best
  • And, the process continues, that is the ‘second’ ‘Self’ sequentially jumps to a third position on the wheel with another state of consciousness, so on and so forth, until the whole process is completed in 10-43 seconds [Planck’s Number in quantum physics] before the Self returns to its original position on the wheel of consciousness.
  • Dimensions 4-6 are indigenous to ‘Souls.’
  • Souls combine to form an ‘Oversoul.’
  • Dimensions 7-9 are inherent to Oversouls.
  • Many Oversouls can integrate to form an ‘Avatar.’
  • Avatars exist within 10th to 12th dimension. 
  • Finally, formless Avatars superimpose on one another to create a ‘Rishi.’
  • And dimensions beyond the 12th [more specifically, 12th to 15th] lie within the domain of pure consciousness of the divine.Nebadon Universe - new

Physical Dissemination of Consciousness 

  • Dissemination of consciousness occurs through bombardment of the energetic particulates of light (‘Akashic’ or ‘Adamantine’ essence) on the planet.
  • The energetic particulates of Light are coded in a binary format much the same way as electricity.
  • Earth currently lies within the domain of lower consciousness called the 3rd dimension, which is the realm of polarity.
  • The particulates of energetic Light manifest themselves as a ‘polar’ electromagnetic field with mass-less essence known as photons of light.
  • The electromagnetic field reveals itself as an Ovoid aura known as the ‘magnetosphere.’Earth's Magnetosphre
  • The energetic bombardment of light particulates cause the planet to spin about its axis.
  • The energetic bombardment particulates of light are triggered by the sun.
  • In order to achieve equilibrium within all the gravitational force fields of our solar system, and indeed, the cosmos, the planet needs to tilt about its axis as it subtends a motion about the sun in an elliptical orbit.AxialTilt
  • The spin of earth about its axis as it orbits around the sun determines the advent of days and nights.
  • The configuration of tilt of the planet about its axis, its spin, and elliptical motion around the sun gives rise to creation of seasons, equinox, solstice, and the phenomenon of eclipse.agburt02_12
  • The advent of daylight/night time and the change of seasons gives the perception of passage of linear time.
  • The ratio of the inner spin to the axial tilt of earth determines the sensation of time movement in linear earth.
  • If the earth spins faster, then time is perceived as being accelerated and the days are deciphered as being shorter.
  • Conjugate to time is ‘space.’
  • Space is congealed time, and its velocity relative to the speed of light determines the density of the congealed space.
  • Generally, ‘slowing down’ of time signifies enhanced ability to explore ‘space.’
  • Conversely, speeding up of time, or time acceleration, implies ‘shortening’ of the sensation of exploration of ‘space.’
  • Therefore, the concepts of time and space are such that one is the inverse of the other.
  • As perception of one being ‘elongated’ or increased is synonymous with the other being ‘sensed’ as being ‘shortened.’
  • In fact, the speed of light is not constant.
  • Likewise, distance is a factor of light velocity.
  • As such distance in space is a variable.
  • It is possible in higher dimensions that the distance between two separate places, two distinct and separate points, to be zero.
  • Likewise, the time sequence between two separate events can also be zero.
  • This is called the eternal NOW.
  • All are variables of velocity.
  • Time is varied by light velocity and light geometry according to dimensional perspective.
  • So, the geometry of light is an aspect of dimensional time.
  • Physical space, as we think of it, in truth, does not exist, rather it is a holographic projection that follows certain parameters or laws.
  • True reality is innerspace, and the Cosmos of innerspace expands constantly in terms of energy and consciousness.
  • Lord Metatron, is in his role, converts inner space, or Creative Mind, into Coded Light.
  • This, through a great cooperative, congeals Coded Light energetically into our physical dimensional realities.
  • The Crystalline Akash are etheric particles encoded with Divine Mind, Sacred Intelligence of Consciousness Units.
  • They are the ‘DNA Blueprint’ within matter/antimatter that compose the Flash of all realities and interlock dimensions through the electro-crystalline leys of the Cosmic Lattice.
  • It is the Metatronic divine template that sources all creation manifestation, and forms the very matrix of every plane of existence.
  • It is the enzyme of reality and represents the life of the Cosmos itself.
  • The very thoughts you have must rise to coherent crystalline format in order to become manifested.
  • Coherent light is crystalline energy, the very vitality of which forms the integral nature of all worlds and realities.
  • The crystalline structure forms the apparent boundaries and divisions between dimensions and the matter/antimatter flash of consciousness in parallel and all probabilities.

The Grid facilitates the Time-Space Continuum Server

  • Indeed, the notion of time-space continuum is the mechanism by which we relate to consciousness.
  • Therefore, space-time continuum is the vehicle by which we become aware of our surroundings and determines the sense of our ‘physicality.’
  • Indeed, consciousness is imparted to us via holographic programs of ‘reality’ using the space-continuum as the program server, in which the binary ‘machine’ language of light is decoded in the form of ‘software’ program of reality.
  • And, the ‘compiler’ is the energetic ‘Grid’ of earth, a network of energetic points around our planet that receives the encoded light data, and then translates them into readily comprehensible routines we perceive as ‘reality.’The Grid Server
  • And, the very exact same principle is operational within the core of our own existence: our DNA, and RNA genetic system, with our RNA being the translator/compiler and our DNA serving as the Akashic library against which every ‘bit’ of information is deciphered.
  • The Grid is an energetic lattice that covers our grid
  • The concept of planetary grids is not new.
  • Plato conceived of the idea as did the ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Hopi Indians.
  • In a sense, grids are the template, the window ‘program,’ that allows all life to animate in light.
  • There are actually a total of three grid templates acting surrounding our planet that affect human life.
  • These three are separate, yet intricately related.
  • As such, the Planetary Grid Template System is a three-in one ‘Trinity’ system.
  • Accordingly, there are three grids encompassing our planet, and each has a separate geometry, a separate frequency, a separate function, and differing dimensional aspects.
  • Note that dimensions are defined by wavelength or frequency.
  • The grids have separate functions relating individually to: (1) the planetary gravitational field, (2) the telluric electromagnetics, and (3) the consciousness gird.
  • The ‘Trinity’ resonance has played an important role and purpose on our planet.
  • The very shape of each grid defines its frequencial quotient, and as such its dimensional span.
  • The grids reside in different frequencial space, different dimensions, although there is common ground in which they all share.
  • A grid is only potentially accessibly as we achieve the frequencial capability of operating in its harmonic.
  • The Gravity grid and Electromagnetic grid have been adjusting on several occasions since the last cycle of man’s establishment on the earth plane 200,000 years ago.
  • The grids fit into the dimensional encapsulation of the planet, in an interesting harmonic.
  • They are concentrically encased within one another, but through what may be termed a time-release multi-dimensional expansion and contraction. 

The Gravitational Grid

  • The Gravity grid is both within and on the surface of the planet.
  • It is anchored to the spinning core of the earth.
  • It is in the form of a dodecahedron, a sphere with 12 facets.Earth's Gravity Grid
  • It is primarily rooted in the first three dimensions.
  • The gravity grid dodecahedron, indeed, extends from the first dimension to just below the third dimension.
  • The dodecahedron was the primary consciousness geometric of the planet from the time of the deluge of Atlantis, until the emergence of the icosahedron about 4,000 BC.

The Electromagnetic Grid

  • We are energetic beings surrounded by a potent electromagnetic field.
  • The Electromagnetic grid is at the level of the crust and extends upward in space as high as thirty thousand feet above sea level.
  • It adjusts itself according to the elevation of the planetary regions.
  • This is the primary grid in which humankind has maintained their consciousness connection for the past 6,000 years.
  • It can as such be termed as the human grid.
  • It also regulates the electromagnetic systems, such as the ‘leylines’ and ‘vortex systems’ of the planet.
  • It is in the sacred geometric form of the icosahedron, a sphere with 20 facets.Earth's Electromagnetic Grid
  • The icosahedron electromagnetic grid is the geodesic sphere, most closely aligned to the planet’s surface.
  • Dimensionally speaking, the electromagnetic or human grid fluctuates from the first and second dimension to just below the fourth dimension. 

The Consciousness Grid

  • It is a system that has always been present.
  • It is the ‘Windows’ operating system of the planet.
  • Energy lines flow outward from the northern axis point and reenter at the southern.
  • Earth is the living Gaia; the grid is her aura.
  • These energetic lines are directly connected to every sacred sites of Gaia.
  • There are hundreds.
  • The grids reflect, and to an extent regulate, parameters of the consciousness of both Gaia and our spirits.
  •  Since our planet’s birth, the grid work around the earth has consisted of a sacred geometry matrix of one of the five Platonic solids.
  • Plato believed that the Earth’s basic structure was in the process of evolving from simple geometric shapes into more complex ones.
  • In order of complexity the five patterns theorized by Plato to be the building blocks of the earth’s matrix, are the tetrahedron (4 faces), hexahedron (6 faces), octahedron (8 faces), dodecahedron (12 faces) and icosahedron (20 faces).
  • Plato further theorized that the earth was evolving into an icosahedron grid.
  • Academics, including Dr. Ivan Sanderson, Dr. Hagens and Dr. Becker, diagramed this shape in the 70’s by connecting major electromagnetic fields on the map.
  • The points formed a triangular pattern of pentagons; an icosahedron.
  • However, the pattern did not truly map the grid as was intended.
  • The icosahedron was, in fact, the geometry of the planetary light grid for the past twelve millennia, prior to the ‘Harmonic Convergence.’
  • On 12-12-12 the consciousness grid became the Crystalline144- Grid and began to extend from the fourth dimension to the ninth.
  • The new grid is a crystal of new form, the double penta-dodecahedron.Earth's consciousness Grid
  • The double penta dodecahedron has 144 facets.Earth’s Grid-The 144 Polyhedron
  • Each dodecahedron has 12 major pentacles with 60 facets, add the 12 truncated pentagons for 72, and double this for 144!The 144 Polyhedron made from closest packing of spheres slide
  • Above the ninth dimension, it will change form and extend to the 12th in another geometric form, that of the polyhedron 120.
  • The polyhedron 120 grid contains the 144, within its 182 composition.Earth's Grid- the 120 Polyhedron

Humanity and Consciousness

  • We channel inward great flows of cosmic divine energy with the capacity to direct this light outward through directed meditative thought for the highest good.
  • This energy can cleanse, brighten, energize and activate each one of us, according to our intent and flow.
  • Our desires express energy itself and so our work calls forth now a finer frequency.
  • All of us within the crystalline energy are extreme energetic apparatus in motion.
  • By unifying our energies in synchronized ecstatic states we form a powerful light vortex.
  • High frequencial energies are analogous to vitamins that once taken they are absorbed by the body so they can generate wellness and good health.
  • All around us there is energy, there is life taking place but if we are not in sync with this frequency we will not sense it.
  • Such is the function of the grid: it is a system that will allow us nurture into a higher resonance, a higher, more fulfilling resonance.
  • Once the matched frequencies of our bodies and that of the planet resonate harmonically we tap into the energy of the grid, and then it activates us in the process. 

The Ancient Firmament of Pre-Duality Earth 

  • Before our planet had a grid system, it has a firmament.Earth’s Antediluvian Firmament
  • Our bible speaks of a firmament that occurred in the most ancient of days, and described it as a ‘dome’ in the sky.
  • Before our planet became a planet of lessons, a planet of duality, it had a protective sheath called the firmament.
  • There were two elliptical bands that arched around the planet.
  • The two bands of the original firmament differed in frequency and composition from the arcs of the new arcs being formed in the present Ascension.
  • The ancient firmament had one arc that was electrical in nature, the other magnetic.
  • One emanated the energy of crystalline platinum, the other of crystalline gold.
  • The two created a mutually interacting, cooperative oscillating crystalline shield circling Earth within zero point energy.
  • These permeated Earth and allowed for full consciousness within a non-polar multidimensional world without duality.
  • A tone was emitted from the pulsing of the crystalline sphere that was the frequency of OMM.
  • The ancient firmament encircled the planet in these two layers [one magnetic and one electrical], and between the two layers there existed a complex crystalline system of ice.
  • The frozen water was slightly saline and held properties that enabled the winds and all weather to be controlled or tempered.
  • The non-duality Firmament dissolved when Earth was transformed into a planet of duality.
  • The electromagnetics were fragmented into the Earth in polar electro-magnetics.
  • The crystalline portion was received in the Mineral Kingdom of Earth, and in etheric particulates termed Adamantine Essence or Akash.
  • At that time, the Earth was a place of unparalleled creation, of utmost adventure.
  • It had not yet evolved into the University of Earth it has ever since become.
  • It was the original ‘Garden of Eden,’ before the ‘serpent and the apple.’
  • Then came the great fall, the dissolution of the firmament.
  • However, this was by design.
  • The firmament fell into particulates, and the earth shifted on its axis.
  • When duality was instituted, the firmament fell by design and was replaced by a planetary grid.
  • Our ancient text refer to this as the ‘Fall of Man.’
  • Earth became a unique school at this time for soul growth amid those souls who chose the linear expansion experience of humanity within a ‘grid system.’
  • The magnetic shield was absorbed into the inner core of the earth, and the electrics into the crystalline minerals, and indeed, into the DNA of mankind.
  • From this particulate arose the gravity grid, and the evolution of the icosahedronal human electric grid.
  • The ancient firmament served in a unique capacity that fine-tuned Cosmic and Crystalline Light and sustained all life not unlike the sun.
  • The elliptical arcs of the firmament brought in a polished visible flashing aspect of Adamantine Essence (Akash) that often appeared as glittering etheric particulates.
  • This essence enabled consciousness to fully resonate with divine thought and allow instant material manifestation.
  • The beings entering the pre-duality Earth manifested with physical bodies as well as in a semi-physical manner.
  • The firmament appeared in the skies as two elliptical arches that glowed at night in iridescent colors similar to the northern lights or ‘Aurora Borealis.’
  • The elliptical bands intersected and swirled and revolved in a gyroscopic manner around the planet.
  • The width and omnipotent frequency of the elliptical bands vacillated and created an audible tone with the creative light vibration of OMM.
  • It danced in the sky often forming and emitting kaleidoscopic eddy currents that appeared as a luminous and ‘angelic.’
  • A sense of protection and empowered well-being constantly radiated in the planet.
  • From the dissolution of the firmament man began his journey in duality, in experimentation and learning lessons.
  • Until, in all its parallels and probabilities and eternal NOWS, over the eons of Earth time, it brought us to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, and to the coming of Ascension.Energy and Harmonic Converence
  • Lord Metatron assures us that all is perfect now, all is evolving, and all is on its course for humanity Ascension.

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A Mathematical Model for Quantification of Consciousness [Soul Animation] by Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.


A Mathematical model has been presented for quantifying the consciousness of an animating sentient soul. It is suggested that a soul of certain constitution, m, may be modeled as a single degree of freedom linear elastic mass-spring system undergoing free vibration. The spring-mass system is thought to be constrained at the SOURCE [heart of Prime Creator] undergoing infinitesimal deflection from the Source during the course of a single reincarnation, and thus behaves linearly in time. A new parameter, defined as the ‘consciousness expansivity coefficient,’ k, is introduced to characterize the spring action of the soul. The system is modeled as behaving elastically undergoing perfectly ‘conservative’ recoverable deflection in a fully reversible process due to the Universal Principle of Conservation of Energy. It is proposed that the consciousness expansivity coefficient, in essence, is a ‘karmic constant,’ conforming to the principle of ‘Cause and Effect’ as elaborated by Newton’s 3rd of Motion that states for every action [the force of animation] there is an equal and opposite reaction [the spring or karmic force] opposing it. It is then deduced that the animation [coming to consciousness] of a sentient soul resembles that of a harmonic resonator undergoing Simple Harmonic Motion [SHM].

  • When a point of consciousness is born from the parent SOURCE of super-consciousness, the Prime Creator, it is endowed with a certain degree of constitution which is of antimatter origin.consciousness and matter
  • The entity thus formed becomes capable of memory and is endowed with a storage capability not much unlike a digital computer and furthermore referred to as a ‘soul.’ soul-hard drive
  • Furthermore, the soul is endowed with the gift of navigation through the advent of ‘mind.’The material mindspirit and mind
  • Thus, a soul is an entity with constitution of antimatter essence with the capability of both memory and storage as it animates to venture in acquiring ‘lifetime’ experiences, which are then stored as ‘the Akashic records.’
  • The mind is analogous to the computer CPU, the memory is similar to SIMM or other and the storage is akin to the hard drive of a computer.
  • Furthermore, the soul is ordained with an inherent coefficient, a force that reacts to the force of Free Will’s tendency to vibrate or ‘deflect’ from the SOURCE.Spirit dominate mind - mind controls energy
  • The overall outcome of this deflection is that as the soul animates, it will either ‘expand’ its consciousness through ‘positive’ life sojourns or it diminishes its initial gifted consciousness via a ‘contracting’ force as a result of ‘negative’ lifetime experiences..longevity and pepetuity of soul
  • In any case, the ‘Universal Law of Karma’ is put in place as to safeguard’s soul’s response as to not venture beyond ‘the point of permanent damage and no return.’spiritualization and soul
  • In this manner, the deflective nature of such a vibratory or animation response is purely reversible and ‘elastic’ and total recoverability via eventual return to the SOURCE is ensured.
  • If we denote this deflection of the soul animation reflective of its movement in innerspace by ‘x (t),’ at any point in its response history the velocity of animation ‘v’ or the rate of change of displacement [or deflection] may be quantified by the first derivative [or differential] of the deflection with respect to time or:

 v = dx/dt

  • Furthermore, the acceleration of the point of consciousness [or the soul] ‘a’ is given by the first differential of its velocity with respect to time or:

 a = d[(dx/dt)]/dt = d2x/dt2

  •  According to Newton’s Second Law of Motion [animation] the vibratory or the inertia force [IF] of a soul of constitution ‘m’ is equal to:

 IF = m. d2x/dt2

  • Furthermore, this vibratory force of the soul [IF] must be equilibrated by the karmic force k. x, where, k denotes the consciousness expansivity coefficient [or the ‘karmic constant] defined in units of force [e.g. Newton] per unit length, thus:

 Karmic Force, KF = k. x

  • This action is very much analogous to a spring that by Newton’s Third Law of Motion tends to keep the soul at bay so it is not grossly displaced and consequently lost in its consciousness expansion endeavor.
  • The system behaves linearly as the deflections are kept at relatively low amplitudes.
  • Furthermore, the soul is given this ‘stiffness’ characteristics as to want to always return back to its original position at the ‘SOURCE,’ and thus, behaves elastically and conservatively without any dissipation of energy.
  • And, the system behavior is totally reversible as well as recoverable.
  • Thus, the conscious expansivity behavior of the soul resembles that of a linear, elastic harmonic oscillator composed of a mass-spring system whose action is governed by utter recoverability, reversibility, and total conservation of energy without any dissipative sink mechanism.
  • According to the law of equilibrium:

d2x/dt2+ k. x = 0

  • This constitutes a second order linear differential equation in time that has a sinusoidal [harmonic] response given by:

x = A sin (ω.t)


  • Where ω denotes the frequency of the harmonic waveform measured in cycles per second [or Hertz – abbreviated as Hz] and A represents the magnitude of the amplitude of the harmonic or oscillating waveform.
  • Therefore, a soul behaves exactly as a harmonic oscillator.mass-spring
  • It is comprised of a constitution [or mass] m with an elastic characteristic [always wants to return to its original equilibrium state that is the mind of its parent that is the Prime Creator].
  • The elasticity of the soul resembles that of an elastic spring and is quantitatively described through definition of a constant that we referred to as the of consciousness expansivity coefficient k.
  • This constant describes the karmic nature of the soul which is governed by the ‘Universal Law of Karma,’ which is of ‘cause and effect’ nature, meaning that for every action there is a reaction equal and opposite to it [Newton’s Third Law of Motion].
  • The consciousness expansivity coefficient, k, is defined as the karmic force per unit deflection, x, of the soul from its equilibrium state [mind of Creator] or

k = Karmic force/deflection

  • Analogous to an elastic spring, the soul acts as a harmonic oscillator: when it ventures away from its equilibrium state and is given a slight deflection and is then left by itself, it begins to oscillate [or animate or vibrate] as a harmonic oscillator.
  • This is analogous to an elastic mass-spring system: when it is pulled [or compressed] slightly and is left alone, it begins to oscillate or ‘vibrate.’
  • As the soul ventures away from the mind of the prime Creator in search of gaining experience [and hopefully expand its consciousness], it deflects:deflection of mass-spring
  • And, analogous to an elastic spring, it begins to store karmic energy [or elastic energy] in its soul.
  • The elastic energy is equal to the work done, and the work done as a result of a differential amount of deflection dx, giving rise to a karmic force of k. dx, is equal to the integral of the work done k. x. dx or:

Karmic Work Done = ∫k. x. dx in interval between 0 and x

Elastic Karmic Energy [Work done] = ½ k. x2

  • Thus, it is apparent that the buildup of karmic energy within the soul can be significant as it ventures away from the Prime Creator.
  • In particular, negative karma has to do with malevolence.
  • Thus, a soul can essentially ‘suffer’ significantly from accumulation of karmic energy governed by a quadratic function of its deflection away from the ‘SOURCE.’
  • And, it is such that the more ‘deflected’ the soul gets as a result of its wrongdoings, the harder it becomes for it to redeem itself through contracting back to the Prime Creator.
  • Note that for any given soul, and during any particular lifetime sojourn, the consciousness expansivity coefficient remains always constant and may be alternatively described as the ‘karmic constant.’
  • This is consistent with the author’s suggestion in a companion article that consciousness is hologramic in nature.
  • This means no matter how gigantic the state of superconsciousness of universe might be, its consciousness expansivity can always be deduced through observation of any constituent part of its entirety [any point of consciousness or soul], as a hologram has the characteristic that its properties are the same and may be observed from any portion of its entirety.
  • Thus, although a mischievous soul may be envisioned to be ‘damaged’ through accumulation and storage of karma within itself, the entire karmic energy stored within its soul structure is totally recoverable, and at any point within its experiential history it may redeem itself through reversibility and return to its progenitor.Karma and plasticity - resilience
  • And, being children or constituent parts of God, we can never fathom to permanently damage or deteriorate the divine aspect of the Prime Creator, as God is flawless and perfect.
  • Any interim changes within God’s structure are not everlasting or permanent.
  • All souls will eventually ‘contract’ back to the ‘SOURCE.’
  • However, they need to redeem their incipient crystalline and pristine consciousness first.
  • But, efforts are required.
  • And, the first stage in this process of ‘ascension’ or recoverability is essentially ‘awakening.’awaken-refine yourself
  • Furthermore, ‘allowances’ need to me made.Collective Consciousness - unconditional love revised
  • All hypocrisies, all prejudices, and above all, all fears need to be transmuted first.
  • There has to be a revelation as to recognizing what and who we are and where we originated from.
  • Once this awakening is accomplished and appropriate allowances are made upon clearing and cleansing of soul karma, the journey back ‘home’ is a joyful ride.Clearing, cleansing, RRA, and Multidimensionality
  • Returning to our discussion of soul being a harmonic oscillator of the sinusoidal response as was mentioned earlier, in the response equation, since -1 <sin x < +1, the response of the waveform oscillates between A and –A with A depicting the maximum or minimum response.
  • The value of A is extremely low, giving rise to a piece-wise linear system.
  • Furthermore, as a harmonic oscillator, a soul begins to ‘animate’ or vibrate when the frequency of its excitation [furnished through projection of Light] is equal to the inherent or natural frequency of the soul [denoted as ωn].
  • And, this is what is commonly referred to as the condition of ‘resonance.’
  • Since Light has a wide spectrum of exciting frequencies associated with it, the animation of a diverse forms of soul entities can be readily accommodated.
  • Therefore, the animation response of a soul as a harmonic oscillator may be described as:

x = A sin (ωn.t)

  • And, accordingly, the velocity is given by:

v = A. ωn. Cos (ωn.t)

  • And, the acceleration as:

a = -A. ωn2. sin (ωn.t )= – A (ωn2).  sin (ωn.t)

  • And, by substituting these into the differential equation governing the motion [animation]:

[-m. (ωn2) + k] A sin (ωn.t) = 0

  • Or simply:

k = m. (ωn2)

  • or:

 ωn = √[k/m]

  •  A soul, therefore, in any particular life sojourn in essence, behaves as a linear elastic harmonic oscillator whose response function may be characterized by a sinusoidal wave form resonating at its fundamental natural frequency that is proportional to the square root of the ratio of its karmic [stiffness] constant [consciousness expansivity coefficient] k to its mass m.
  • Thus, at any time t in its history, the response function may be given as: A Sin √[k/m], where A denotes the amplitude of the waveform.
  • Although at any particular frame in time the ‘animation’ or vibration response of the soul may be described by a simple harmonic motion as described herein, the consciousness expansivity coefficient of the soul [the stiffness constant] may be deduced to be constant in its entire response history during a particular life sojourn [or reincarnation].
  • Generally, the soul is ‘self-correcting.’
  • This means that when the soul ‘deflects’ from its true parent nature, the deflection is redeemed later in its history giving rise to a perfectly conservative, linear elastic system.
  • Therefore, the behavior of the system is piece-wise linear in small differential of ‘time.’
  • The deflection causes a karmic response in the soul which tends to pull it back towards static equilibrium state via the karmic force.
  • Thus, the expressions “cause and effect,” “what goes around comes around” “eye for an eye,” etc. all truly describe the nature of karmic force in trying to keep the soul at bay.
  • Elasticity is ensured through the springing action of the karmic force.
  • Reincarnations occur as a result of soul’s attempt to ‘correct itself.’
  • At any point during its karmic history during a reincarnation the soul’s consciousness expansivity coefficient is constant, and the energy essential for expenditure for the soul to correct itself is perfectly elastic.
  • On the other hand, if we envision a negative karmic scenario, the result is a ‘contracting effect’ of the karmic force.
  • Thus, mankind is ultimately is its own judge, jury, and executioner, and the concepts of “heaven” and “hell” are subjective as both can exist simultaneously depending upon the reality that the soul creates for itself through its positive or negative karmic yourself from religion
  • In this respect, the concept of “sin” is none other than negative karma, and a ‘good deed’ depicts positive karma.
  • “Sin” or negative karma accumulates in the memory of the soul as ‘excess baggage’ and needs to be handled at a later time.
  • It takes a considerable effort of ‘clearing and cleansing’ to restore the soul to its inherent pristine condition.
  • All negative karmic forces stored in the memory need to be relieved or transmuted.
  • For every action there must be a reaction of equal and opposite magnitude.
  • Thus malevolence needs to be transmuted with benevolence, prejudice with compassion, hatred with unconditional love, etc.

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