Further Insights into the Mechanics of Flashing Consciousness by Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.


The mechanics of consciousness as pertains to projection of coherent light on a soul has been discussed. It is elucidated that consciousness is discrete in nature and occurs on a quantum scale through flashing of adamantine or akash particles. These particulate units of consciousness flow or convert from antimatter in the ethereal to matter in the physical and vice versa via a purely conservative process that is both cyclic and non-dissipative in terms of energy consumption. It is further explained that this flashing of the light of consciousness is facilitated through black and white holes contained with the conical vortices of our chakras that serve as energetic particle accelerators. The fundamental principle behind the inhaling ‘in’ and exhaling ‘out’ of the antimatter-matter and its reverse process is that it occurs sequentially among various distinct continuums of time and space within separate parallels of dimensional consciousness that define our multidimensionality. These processes occur all spontaneously in the continuous NOW moment without any discernment in our physical consciousness within a particular parallel. Two parameters are envisioned to describe the extent of consciousness within a parallel that, in essence, are indigenous to that particular continuum of time and space within the said particular dimensional reality. These are the ‘light quotient’ that depicts the decay time of consciousness between sequential flashes of light of consciousness, the so-called ‘darkening period,’ and the resonant ‘frequency of vibration’ of that particular parallel dimension. It is envisaged that the notion of multidimensionality within a particular parallel dimension of reality is accentuated as the natural frequency of vibration or light quotient of a soul aspect animating within that parallel is increased. Finally, it is explicated that a crystalline form such as the well anticipated ‘Light Body genetics’ comprised of silicate-based, ordered and coherent, crystalline molecular matter is thought to merge the limited frontal mind with that of the divine God Mind, culminating in expedient consciousness expansion, and refined discernment of multidimensionality. Furthermore, it is clarified that a crystalline form has the advantage of ‘tuning’ the human energy field harmonically to myriads of dimensional fields more effectively, thus reducing the ‘darkening period’ between discrete consecutive flashes of consciousness within a parallel.

   The Flashing Consciousness

  • The Prime Creator has provided humanity and, indeed, all sentient beings with a matrix of consciousness through particulates of light that have been referred to as the ‘akash’ or ‘adamantine’ particles.
  • This process occurs in a ‘flash of time’ and on a quantum scale, to create us as ‘units of consciousness’ of its mega-conscious omnipotence.
  • For us, the universe seems to flash ‘in’ and ‘out,’ pulsating with consecutive sequence of light energy in a frame by frame manner with these ‘consciousness units.’
  • This divine light energy is received in our energetic aura, which serves as a storage containment.
  • Our aura interfaces with the accelerating vortices of our chakras that act as a system of black-white holes to respectively convert the antimatter light energy into more usable electromagnetic light energies in order to be utilized physically within our earthly vessels.
  • The electromagnetic units of light energy, being stroboscopic in nature, pulse ‘in’ and ‘out’ of all realities.
  • These flashing energy units of light are geometric in nature, and have a very short ‘life’ span.
  • The whole process occurs through what the author refers to as the ‘Engine of Life.’

Engine of Life'- Adamantine Particles

  • The oscillatory harmonic flash of consciousness units occurs not unlike our respiratory process through mechanisms of the inward [matter] and outward [antimatter] conversion via black holes and white holes, respectively.
  • The inward-outward harmonic flash defines the threshold rate of consciousness perception in each simultaneous lifetime that occurs in a stroboscopic manner.
  • It is of a quantum scale and so very small in terms of our linear earthly time that is impossible to decipher.
  • As a result, what is clearly a discrete consciousness process seems to be continuous and without interruption that really occurs in a frame by frame and static manner.
  • However, analogous to the process of animation or ‘movie’ making, as the progression of frames pass in a quantum scale flashing instant, it all seems seamless and utterly continuous to our perception in the particular ‘parallel’ reality in question.

Consciousness Units - Light Quotient

  • In our present world, in our level of the NOW, we are only beginning to rediscover, explore, and grasp the ‘flashing’ matrix of creation, of what consciousness is, of how our mental processes works, and indeed, how to manipulate this for greater consciousness expansion.
  • We are constantly doing this on what is termed the unconscious divine level, by learning how to transform our thoughts and our creative emotions into matter and physical reality.
  • Most of us perceive and measure our development by observing events occurring in our exterior world.
  • However, divine creational forces are at hand and operate above the level of the 12th dimensional field, which is the realm of Creator God, and much beyond the realm of physicality.
  • In this realm, there exists a ‘conscious generator’ pulsating with creational energy, flashing ‘in’ and ‘out,’ generating divine particulate units of consciousness light energy.
  • These consciousness units of light energy are embedded with codes of life, which are made available in all time-dimensions with their own time-space continuum, providing for all sequence of probabilities.
  • And, this was referred to as the ‘Engine of Life.’
  • And, all of this is made possible through the advent of black Holes and white Holes and their mechanisms of operation.

The Engine - Matter antimatter conversion

  • The process of operation of the black-white holes is essentially geared to two mechanisms: the black holes consume stale and useless matter as an energy source within the cosmos [either micro or macro] and relay them to infinitesimal white holes that revitalize, rejuvenate, and pump them out and back into the cosmos.
  • Our scientist postulate that black holes are imploded supernovas; of extremely compressed energy, whose gravitational field is so immense that they practically devour all matter and light energy.
  • However, they do not recognize that at the end/bottom of the black holes there are infinitesimal white holes that generate and supply new vitalized energy into the cosmos.
  • And, indeed, it is the ‘while hole’ that is responsible for constantly supplying new energy into the cosmos.
  • The ‘in’ and ‘out’ sequencing of energy conversion creates the oscillatory or the ‘flashing effect’ that is commonly referred to as the ‘flashing universe.’
  • It is, indeed, intimately related to the nature of our consciousness in ‘time’ and the sequence of our reality.
  • Our oversoul [mother earth] receives this flashing sequence of light energy, and in turn, imparts it upon our soul.

Metatronic Engine of ‘Life’

  • Imagine that our Oversoul, occupies the hub of a bicycle wheel.
  • This hub, receives the flashing sequence of light energy from the depth of cosmos that comes to us through our sun.
  • It then emits this light equipped with its adamantine units of conscious light, and emits it, while stroboscopically pulsating to each soul residing at the periphery or outskirt of the wheel through the spokes that, in essence, represent the ‘fiber-optic spokes,’ of the light energy.
  • In turn, the soul creates 12 different ‘aspects’ of itself by sequentially experiencing life sojourns as an incarnate within distinct time-space continuum indigenous to a particular dimension of consciousness.

Fragmentation of Soul to SELVES

  • The reincarnation ‘aspects’ of each soul are bestowed with the light of consciousness through the spokes of the wheel, and receive units of conscious light, consciousness units, that flash ‘on’ and ‘off’ as a ‘lightening’ strobe at a quantum scale.
  • Each pulse simultaneously received by the oversoul sequentially animates a particular soul ‘aspect,’ giving rise to an individual lifetime in the continuum of time and space within a distinct ‘parallel’ dimension of reality.
  • Lifetimes, are not linear.
  • They co-exist in the quantum field of what is known as the eternal NOW moment.
  • Furthermore, the moments of ‘time’ we experience within a particular lifetime are, strictly speaking, nonlinear.
  • It is only in 3-D and lower dimensions that the sequential passage of time has been made to ‘slow down’ so significantly so we have the opportunity to observe the pixels of life more easily.
  • After all, due to the infinitesimal nature of our consciousness that spans within a single frame of static existence [what the author has referred to as the ‘discrete’ nature of our consciousness within a quantum scale], it is possible to superimpose the piece-wise linear sequence of events occurring in our 3-D lifetime to form an overall function of events that is clearly nonlinear.
  • And, the perceived linear sequence of time as a result of it ‘slowing down’ has created the illusion of past, present, and future, which all clearly occur simultaneously and within the NOW moment.


  • The cosmos and the myriad of all its probabilities coexist irrespective of the nature of our consciousness or our limited perception regarding time and space.
  • Each flashing pulse of light creates the consciousness unit within each lifetime.
  • We are only individually conscious when our awareness or attention is pulsed.
  • These seem to be sequenced and linear, but in fact, there is a great timeless void in between each pulse that the author has referred to as the ‘darkening period.’

Linear Time is 3D Illusion

Time is an Illusion - Program Server - 3D only

  • As each lifetime soul ‘aspect,’ expands its consciousness and becomes more resonate, more capable of holding the energy of consciousness pulses, it becomes able to consciously expand back into the center, where the parent soul or oversoul resides, and becomes aware of the unity of the multi aspects of the hub and all the other spokes.
  • And in doing so, one evolves more, eventually becoming a constituent part of the center of consciousness.
  • All occurs in a pulsing sequence.
  • We are, indeed, a flashing ‘aspect’ of our oversoul, which resides at the center of wheel of consciousness.
  • This hub is a conduit of flashing conscious light and emits an infinite pulses of light to the end of each fiber optic spoke, to germinate one of our incarnational soul aspects.
  • When a soul aspect becomes aware that it coexists on many layers, irrespective of the seemingly pulsing aspect of time sequence, it becomes ‘one’ with the parent soul, and becomes conscious of the eternal NOW.
  • When one becomes fully conscious in the NOW, one can literally go backwards and forwards in time and can be in all places and in all times simultaneously.
  • It is then  said that the soul aspect becomes actively multidimensional.
  • The soul aspects can combine to create a completely complex, new form of totality of consciousness, with infinite potentials, and probabilities.
  • At this point one is confronted with different challenges for instigating further growth.
  • And, the soul becomes fully aware of the fact that it does, indeed, possess a greater identity as being a constituent part of the the Prime Creator, the SOURCE of it ALL.
  • And, of course, there is always another level above to grow into within the omnipotent Prime Creator.
  • Beyond our Oversoul, beyond our divine SELF, there is another Higher SELF [Avatar] and beyond that, still another [Rishi], of which our Oversoul is apparently aware of.

Nebadon Universe 2

  • SELF tells us that there is a reality beyond this human reality that cannot be adequately described using human vernacular.
  • Truly all reality, all consciousness, has no beginning and no end.
  • Indeed, ‘time’ is circular in nature.
  • There is, indeed, an expanding universe, newer timelines that are ever formed or created in the eternal NOW of our present.
  • Simply stated, we co-create our own reality in a multidimensional manner beyond what we are ordinarily capable of perceiving.
  • The mechanism of conscious creation involves crystallized awareness entailing impeccability or purity of thought, thought that is the image our soul strives for.
  • Our existence on this planet of duality, upon this Omni Earth, is somewhat limited in perception, yet quite purposeful by design.
  • In reality, our matrix of reality is manipulated and controlled by outside sources who strive to enslave and parasitically feed upon our light of consciousness.

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  2. Doctor I dont know how I could adequately pay the dues of respects owed to you for this detailed description of our reality. Namaste an thank you dearly for laying this out in understandable terms.


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