‘Dimensions’ of Consciousness By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.


A geometric model has been introduced for the dimensional depiction of consciousness in space or ‘innerspace.’ According to this model, a consciousness ‘dimension’ may be represented through definition of concentric spherical layers in space/innerspace stretching from an innermost point representing God to the physically identifiable outermost layers. It is further suggested that the illustration of dimensional space may be simplified via definition of a two-dimensional unit vector in ‘the plane of consciousness.’ This plane is defined through specification of a mutually orthogonal set of Cartesian coordinate system composed of time as one axis and frequency/consciousness or innerspace as the other axis. In this respect, dimensional consciousness may be defined by the angle that the planar unit vector subtends with of these axes (time or space) chosen as a reference axis.  


  • At the core of ALL things, animate and inanimate, there exists God the parent, the progenitor.  God lives in all
  • God is of ‘pure’ consciousness.
  • And, ALL that exists is consciousness.The universe as a conscious hologram-revised
  • Everything else exists and operates within magnanimity of God.God within you
  • God is the lightening rod that illuminates ALL things and gives them consciousness.
  • God is timeless and does not occupy any space.
  • The concept of time and space is only indigenous to physicality.
  • Physicality comprises the ‘thickest’ state of all things, which is manifested as ‘matter.’
  • Like light, matter exists as a ‘spectrum,’ encompassing a myriad of constitutions.
  • Matter only depicts the densest and thickest form of all possible constitutions.
  • Beyond matter there exists ‘antimatter,’ which seems stealth to our 5 sensory perception.Black Holes - Matter-antimatter conversion-revised
  • God is of pure ether which constitutes the very extreme range or essence in the infinite spectrum of all things.
  • Physical matter, on the other hand, constitutes the densest and physically identifiable of all things, which establishes the other extreme spectrum of all things.
  • The state of consciousness defines the infinite range of status quo and the domain between the two extremes: pure matter and pure antimatter.

Dimensional Space of Consciousness

  • The domain of ALL things possible may be illustrated by visualizing a series of concentric spheres.Dimenional layers of consciousness
  • At the very core of these concentric circles lies God, which is the very epicenter of ALL things.
  • God is the foundation for all consciousness and the source of genesis of ALL things.Man's yearning for God within
  • As the core expands, ‘units’ of consciousness are created inheriting the spirit of God that venture out to seek their own destiny via their unique experimentation and experience.
  • This gives rise to the advent of ‘soul’ entities possessing ‘free will’ and capable of recording and play back of all that transpires.the soul - revised
  • Like a computer, the soul has a capacity to store knowledge [hard drive], and is capable of memory both real time [RAM] and permanent [ROM].
  • At the heart of the soul there exists a mind [CPU] capable of rationalizing and logic.
  • Furthermore, the mind is the builder and the creator.
  • As the soul ventures ‘out’ from the Source, it traverses spherical domains expanding and circumferencing its point of origin, giving rise to domains of ever-increasing radii of the aforementioned concentric form.
  • There exists barriers between two consecutive spheres defining distinct ‘layers’ of their own locality and characteristic that are referred to as ‘dimensions.’
  • Each barrier has a distinct energetic level associated with it that needs to be reached in order to overcome the repulsive magnetic field separating consecutive spheres as to traverse to the next ‘dimension.’
  • The energetic levels of each barrier from ‘outer’ to ‘inner’ become more intense and higher as we transit to consecutive dimensions WITHIN.
  • The most outer levels represent the realm of physicality.
  • There are a total of 12 such layers.
  • And, as we traverse each layer, from outer to inner, the dimensional level as well as energy and consciousness level associated with them increases.
  • At the very core resides God of infinite consciousness.
  • The individual consciousness of each distinct dimension may be characterized through definition of a parameter known as ‘frequency.’
  • And, a soul animates through light when the frequency of light resonates the soul via exciting its ‘natural frequency of vibration.’ animation-resonance
  • There are two aspects or characteristics associated with dimensional nature of each frequential consciousness level.
  • These may be classified as ‘constitution,’ and ‘resilience.’stability- stiffness-revised
  • Constitution may be sub-categorized as being prevalent in spectrum, encompassing a wide range from matter at one end, and antimatter at the other.
  • The frequency [or consciousness] is inversely proportional to the square root of constitution.
  • Generally, the higher the constitution of matter or antimatter, the lower is the frequency of consciousness.
  • Resilience is a characteristic that has to do with the tendency to ‘contract’ to the source or ‘point’ of God.
  • The higher is resilience, the more is the tendency to join the source of God.
  • The author has proposed a model for the consciousness of an animating soul.
  • According to this model, a soul may be depicted as a ‘harmonic oscillator’ undergoing simple harmonic motion [SHM].
  • A parameter is defined as the ‘coefficient of consciousness expansion,’ which describes the capability of a soul to expand in consciousness.
  • And, in fact, it may seem paradoxical, but ‘expansion’ of consciousness constitutes ‘contraction’ in innerspace, and a tendency to reach WITHIN and the most inner point of all possible dimensions.
  • As, it is at this source that all spheres collapse to a ‘point,’ representing the domicile of God.
  • It is suggested by the author that the coefficient of consciousness expansion is related to the extent of karma stored within the body of the soul.
  • As a harmonic resonator, each soul resembles a spring-mass system in which the mass represents the soul entity and the spring depicts the springing action, or resilience, of the soul in fulfilling its mission to ‘contract’ to the God source.God 2
  • In this respect, the coefficient of consciousness expansion may be defined as the ‘elastic’ karmic force stored within the system of the soul per unit of deflection from the source.
  • And, therefore, the coefficient of consciousness expansion is none other than the springing constant of the soul describing its tendency to ‘bounce back’ to the source.
  • Obviously, the stiffer is this spring constant, the more resistant is the soul to dynamically deflect from animating harmoniously with the God source.
  • And, with each deflection, more elastic karmic energy is built up within the soul.
  • The dynamic or inertia force of the animating soul must first overcome the karmic force for it to be able to reach a state of ‘equilibrium.’
  • Therefore, it is of paramount importance that the soul cleans and cleanses itself from all the karma built up within its system.
  • Any further built up of karma only leads to lower consciousness and diminish its natural frequency of vibration.
  • As a result, a soul can get entrapped within a thicker and thicker dimensional layer in terms of both density of constitution and lower frequential consciousness.
  • Another way of describing consciousness is through definition of the ‘light quotient,’ which describes the state of luminosity of the soul.
  • Generally the thicker and the denser is the state of constitution, the darker is within, and the lower is its transparency and the aptitude to absorb light.Natural Frequency 3
  • And, this is the state of affairs as a soul wonders deeper and deeper in ‘outer’ space depicted by ‘outer’ spherical shells representing ‘lower’ dimensions.
  • Obviously to be further away from the source, which is the source of light and consciousness, is to be situated in the ‘outer’ spherical skin inundated with darkness, higher density, and low light quotient or frequency.
  • There are a total of 356 possible spherical layers depicting dimensions.
  • The realm of physicality or matter constitutes 12 of such dimensions.
  • Therefore, there is at most 12/356 or mere 3.37% of it ALL that can be attributed to matter and realm of physicality.
  • The rest is comprised of antimatter, which depending on its constitutional spectrum, lies within.
  • And, god is the most extreme of ALL, having infinite consciousness, frequency and perfect light quotient, with zero constitution, occupying zero space/innerspace – tending to a single concentrated point within.
  • The author has proposed a scheme for depicting dimensions, which is simple and appealing to the physically discerning mind.
  • The pictorial account of concentric spherical layers introduced in this article may be further simplified graphically as follows.
  • Recall it is the surface layer within the complex system of spherical layers that represents each dimension.
  • As we are dealing with surface area, it makes sense to come up with a planar or two dimensional depiction for dimensional layers.
  • This has been introduced by author through definition of a planar two dimensional Cartesian coordinate system comprised of two orthogonal axes.
  • Dimensional Consciousness - Time Depiction -finalLet the vertical axis depicts space/innerspace defined through specification of frequency [or light consciousness] representing consciousness, and let the horizontal axis depict time.
  • A dimensional space may be defined through specification of a unit vector constructed via subtending a specific angle with the horizontal time axis.
  • This angle, measured in degrees or radians, depicts each dimensional vector.
  • Dividing the two dimensional plane of reference into 4 quadrants, within each quadrant, one can define a total of 89 such angles.
  • Thus, multiplying this number [89] by 4 [number of quadrants], there are a total of 4×89=356 possible angles, and thus dimensions definable in pace.
  • Only the first ‘outer’ spherical dimensional layer or ‘skin’ represented by 3 mutually independent timeline coordinates [representing a 3-D vector] represent our present physical reality space.
  • In 3-D physical reality, there are actually 4 different dimensional aspects to light: physical, mental, dream, and antimatter realms, all existing as one.
  • To exist within physicality is to possess ‘physical consciousness,’ spearheaded by the brain, and brought into manifestation through reincarnation of an ‘aspect’ of soul within matter.
  • Physical reality space has 3 measures: length, width and height.
  • The rest are WITHIN, and belong to the realm of ‘innerspace.’
  • The fabric of physical space is permeated by matter and that of the innerspace by antimatter.
  • In fact, the antimatter realm constitutes our integral core existence.
  • In this respect, we can consider antimatter as the realm of the ‘angelic.’
  • Angelic entities contemplate no physical constitution or matter, and reside within the antimatter realm of ‘sub-consciousness.’
  • And, sub-consciousness is the realm of soul, which is also prevalent in dream state.
  • To delve deeper in an effort to reach the God WITHIN, is to pursue the realm of the parent spirit, and this is referred to as the realm of ‘super-consciousness.’

Soul Fragmentation

  • A sentient ‘soul’ comes to existence through light imparting on the entity.
  • Light is composed of an infinite spectrum of frequencies.
  • Analogous to light, constitution is also comprised of a wide spectrum of myriads of spectral densities.
  • In this respect, matter exists in wide range of spectrum.
  • In order to expand its consciousness more efficiently, a soul fragments itself into a variety of soul aspects called ‘SELVES.’Unconscious Multidimensionality and Soul Fragmentation
  • The dimensional space of consciousness each SELF resides in are usually referred to as the “parallel” dimensions.
  • We are, indeed, multidimensional beings of light surfing all these parallel dimensions at once.
  • At the lowest state, a sentient form, characterized as a ‘SELF,’ constitutes the entity that experiences the sojourns of life in one particular plane of existence in a single fixed time.
  • SELF has parallels that ‘exist’ on parallels of, say earth, in Omni Earths separated by veils of distinct frequencies in both time and space.
  • And, time-space continuum constitutes the very software, the very ‘hologram,’ in which a SELF is ordained to exist within and experience a life sojourn.Holographic multidimensionality 2
  • The aggregate of all such ‘SELVES’ having particular ‘Free Wills’ to experience life in their own unique way and desires is the ‘Soul.’
  • It is the Soul that imparts light of consciousness on different SELVES.
  • It all happens infinitely fast and in an instantaneous manner.
  • All life sojourns occur concurrently.
  • However, this instantaneous perception of all time and space sojourns that a SELF undertakes is absent in one particular lifetime.
  • It is simply too much information to fathom and to process.
  • No singular brain and neurological structure is ever capable to contain or process all this information. 

The Holographic lifetimes of ‘Parallel’ Reality

  • Lifetimes are chosen with specific purpose, and some of these purposes can occur in different frequencies that seem in opposition.
  • Certain lifetimes are dedicated to learning love, others to learning responsible creativity, and others for learning how to manage ‘power’ and strength.
  • In our physical planes there are actually 144 variations of these, 12 primary aspects with 12 subcategories in each.
  • It is not uncommon for lifetimes dedicated to learning service to be in frequential opposition to lifetimes in which we learn how to manage power and develop strength.
  • The beliefs held in lifetimes of service may be very psychologically different from beliefs formed in a lifetime dedicated to developing strength.
  • These varying beliefs may have been necessary and appropriate for the benevolent goals of each sojourn, but as each soul approaches completion, a rebooting is required to ‘update the files’, by removing what no longer serves the higher purpose.
  • Lifetimes of opposing beliefs can become polarized.
  • This is another aspect of ‘soul fragmentation’ that needs to be harmonized.
  • We may develop beliefs in a lifetime of lesser intellect that are limiting to our expanded intelligence in another.
  • And, in the lesser lifetime, those beliefs continue to create the reality of that simultaneous sojourn.
  • We may have a lifetime in which a catastrophic tragedy created a great fear, or a sojourn in which we may have a strong (false) belief in the existence of ‘evil and demons.’
  • Such beliefs can interfere with our development and seem very real to the senses of the entity in that lifetime specifically.
  • The physical senses will perceive according to beliefs, even if the beliefs are limiting and inaccurate to the greater reality.
  • As such, that lifetime will go on creating in a limited paradigm until the soul changes them from its higher seat of power.
  • One can and must transfer learnings from an advanced lifetime into one that is seeming in contradiction.
  • As an example, it may have served us in a lifetime in a religious order to take poverty vows.
  • We may have developed the belief in a series of lifetimes as a priest or a nun that ‘money is evil’ and all material things must be shunned.
  • And now, we may find ourselves in a lifetimes where we understand that money is a tool, and that it is not an evil to be avoided. That it can in fact be utilized in higher good. Yet we are unable to manifest it.
  • With the knowledge that all lifetimes are ongoing simultaneously, we may have 10 lifetimes continuing to reject money, and two trying to create it. In the overall flux we are being grossly outvoted. 

Consciousness Journey in Time

  • We have the ability to go back and up-shift contrary belief into one that fits a greater understanding, a greater truth.
  • Each lifetime is a new start in many aspects.
  • Regression can occur in certain scenarios.
  • We may not be able to perceive this but future epochs influence the present.
  • We think that all lifetimes have a sequential effect in terms of learning ratios.
  • Some of us cannot imagine this but an initial learning experience may actually occur in a future rather than the past.
  • We never understand this phenomenon unless we expand our belief to understand that time is not linear; but is circular.
  • We have the ability to influence all lifetimes in this moment, in this now.
  • Time separations only seems to be real in the purposed illusions of the duality based physical realm.
  • If this purposed illusion did not feel real to us, we would not learn nor ever discern the ‘Law of Cause and Effect.’
  • That is why it is a ‘purposed illusion’ because while we are in duality it is very real.
  • But when we learn that all reality is created by belief we can change the beliefs of untoward experiences in other lifetimes.
  • And, when we do this, we are preparing the final Path of our Ascension.
  • It is a quantum leap.
  • The physical lifetimes in duality are a means of extraordinary growth, of exquisite spiritual evolution.
  • It may seem that humanity in the duality realm has spiraled downward, and that the density aspects are in that sense a devolution of experiencing cause and effect.
  • The greater truth is that lifetimes are freely chosen here in duality.
  • Duality experience is not a punishment, rather a credentialed course in mastery, one that we have deliberately chosen.
  • By harmonizing all simultaneous lifetimes, requisite soul harmony and integrity may be achieved from all aspects of the fragmented soul.
  • There is a Metatronic Key that addresses the requisite harmonizing characteristic of all sojourns. 

The 5 Sub-universes and Higher Expressions of Soul

  • The manner in which our Universe, referred to as the ‘Nebadon Universe,’ is structured is that it consists of 5 sub-universes, each resonating in its own range of allotted vibration frequencies, with own measure of Light quotients, with particular range of energies, accommodating Beings of evolved consciousness within a specific range.Nebadon Universe 2
  • The lowest of these sub-universes, each referred to as a Harmonic universe (HU), is designated as HU1 where we reside.
  • This is the Realm of Reincarnates to experience life with particular identities at a ‘time,’ which perish after a short period of life, referred to as SELFs.
  • So HU1 is the Realm of SELF.
  • The entities experiencing life in HU1 are of lower consciousness and Light quotients, resonating at lower vibrational frequencies when compared with Beings of higher harmonic universes HU2 to HU5.
  • The domain of the HU1 comprises the densest environment within the Universe, which is highly influenced by the force of gravity.
  • Due to the relatively lower velocity of Light emanating within HU1 and the relatively sparse wavelength of the vibrating 1st harmonic universe, there is a perception of ‘time’ to all sentient beings, ‘sensing’ that there is a progression of ‘time,’ and a definite past, present and future seems to be in play.
  • This, of course, is an illusion as everything always occurs in the NOW moment.
  • Reverting back to our discussion of the harmonic universes, HU2 is the Realm of souls without any soul fragmentations or SELFs.
  • Soul fragmentation occurs in the lower harmonic universe HU1 to give the soul the opportunity to divide itself into fragments, each obtaining their own life experiences.
  • This way, a soul can learn more lessons, all simultaneously in the NOW moment, in order to further enhance its evolution by obtaining better optimal consciousness.
  • In a similar trend, the harmonic universe HU3 is comprised of ‘Oversouls’ that emanate Light and animate souls residing in the lower harmonic universe HU2, and is characterized by higher energy, Light quotient, and range of natural frequency of vibration.
  • The distribution of the ‘flashing’ Light onto the souls via the corresponding oversoul may be visualized as a wheel of a bicycle with the oversoul located at the hub of the wheel shining strobes of Light along the many spokes of the wheel with each soul residing at the other ends of the spokes around the rim of the wheel.
  • In the same manner, the harmonic universe HU4 consists of the soul’s ‘Avatars,’ each acting as a parent for the corresponding oversoul in the lower harmonic universe HU3.
  • Finally, as may be readily envisioned, the harmonic universe HU5 consists of soul’s overall parents ‘Rishi,’ which animate avatars in the lower harmonic universe HU4.
  • It is clear that the higher harmonic universes are associated with greater energies within a band of energies that reflect greater natural frequencies and light quotients.
  • Furthermore, the experiences of ALL aspects and expressions of the soul occur simultaneously within the same NOW moment.
  • The 5 harmonic universes are markedly separated and maintained distinct from one another with mutual ‘magnetic repulsion zones.’
  • What is more, is that the energies of any particular harmonic universe HU1 to HU5 are further divided into 3 distinct energy ranges or layers in each, culminating in a total of 15 different possible ‘timelines’ or ‘dimensions’ within the Nebadon Universe.
  • These corresponding outer energy layers are termed as the ‘Ecktatic,’ ‘Polaric,’ and ‘Triadic’ layers, respectively.

Institute Of Spiritual Science Inc. Publishing 2015.

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By multidimensionalconsciousness

3 comments on “‘Dimensions’ of Consciousness By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.

  1. This is a great article, when I fell into density from the ether a few years ago, it was devastating. 48 years young and what a ride indeed. The God information is certainly another belief system which is only a belief system, it will be interesting to see how this next play turns out. Personally I’m done with experiments, I’ve filtered out others projected realities, illusions, as mine or SELF. I much prefer to be in bliss and will continue to be there/here, war and crime do not work for anyone or serve a purpose, yet here we are in this time frame of WHAT IS ! Thanks for the research and wonderful article. Blessings !


  2. Mohsen Paul, Why do I even dare to think that I can begin to understand such things as you write of, and yet, something compels me to seek to absorb as much as I can, regardless of how little that may seem to be, considering the depth of your essay on consciousness. I experience vibrational energies; several at one time, and yet, thankfully, not all of the time nor with the same intensity and strength, and yet they seem determined that I pay attention to them as if they intended me to understand a message that I’m expected to understand. They must know how clueless I am. So why the persistence? I don’t know. Perhaps they have the wrong person. But, thank you for allowing me to share your wisdom. I must re-read it when my head clears.


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