Towards Higher Consciousness and Higher Dimensional Existence by Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.


It is indicated that we have reached an era in human history that logic and physical consciousness through utilization of brain alone no longer serves humanity. It is time to open one’s heart and polish one’s intuitive senses so that one can self-reflect by connecting to one’s HIGHERSELF or I AM presence inhabiting in higher dimensions of consciousness. This will provide the best avenue to access the higher dimensional consciousness pool of TRUTH and knowledge that is classified under the Akashic Records. And, this, of course, will be in the tradition of the sojourns of the one known as Edgar Cayce, who gave humanity the gift of true celestial knowledge and wisdom of spirituality.  It is further explicated that fear is the most devastating enemy of man, an instrument of the captors of the man within this duality-infested matrix of reality, which we are imprisoned in, presently. As the age of ascension is upon us, it is of utmost importance that humanity, once for all, abandons fear all together in search of his/her true inner divine identity. And, a pre-requisite to ascension is the clearing and cleansing of karma, which will ultimately lead to reactivation of the man’s 12/6 genetic DNA/RNA strands, giving rise to activation of the gene of compassion that leads to man’s crystalinity through achieving impeccability and spiritual mastery. The role of man’s divine endocrine glands of pineal, pituitary, thymus, and hypothalamus, in attaining crystalinity is briefly discussed. Finally, the futility of religion through propagation of superstition and hypocrisy as may be identified as the concepts of “sin,” “judgment day,”  “Armageddon,”  “heaven,” and “hell,” as a tool for man’s bondage and retention within an artificially controlled matrix of reality is explicated. Indeed, man is divine and is endowed with an inner conscience that serves as the sole guide and the counsel to monitor and judge the workings of his/her sojourns upon earth, with no need for an outside judge, jury and executioner. The principle function of the ‘Cause and Effect’ is to keep mankind at bay, close to the ALL MIGHTY, as to decrease his/her frequency for any malice. This will necessitate his/her strive to correct the wrong and achieve the right until full cleansing of the soul is attained so he/she may return HOME, which is the higher dimensions. This may be accomplished during the course of a single reincarnation, or may require numerous reiterations unless all is good, all is benevolent, conforming to the requisite of acquiring full compassion and fully comprehending the science of unconditional love. 


• As we become more ‘wise’ or ‘intellectual,’ we find that the indulgences of 3-D life progressively satisfies us less and less, and is certainly, not fulfilling.
• We begin to embark on a journey of self-discovery, being plagued more and more by such questions as to ‘who we are,’ ‘where we come from,’ and ‘where we are heading for.’


• As we consult our “rational,” “logical” brain, we find less and less answers.



• We find our active or conscious mind not so useful to provide us with definitive responses.

Slide1• The contradictory and sometimes even, illogical, scientific research results add confusion and further frustration to our quest. As we discover that the frequent chatter of the conscious mind is not enlightening, and in fact, creates more mayhem, chaos, and adds unbalance to the equation of self-discovery, we decide to take a step backward quieting our too active and busy mind.



• Suddenly, we find we are endowed with a gift of intuition, one that has provided us with precise and definitive answers before, ‘right out of the blue,’ at times virtually saving our hide from slaughter.


• With this newly found sense of tranquility, and security, we embark on a journey to validate our inner intuitive sense and perhaps seek to discover its successful mechanism of operation.

Advent of Frequency Downloads or Channeling

• Within the past three decades or more, we have been provided with downloads of knowledge regarding spirituality, faith, etc., which have been classified as ‘channeling.’ While some of these so-called “channeling” are the work of charlatans and self-indulgent individual who embark on building personal empires for themselves through mass deception, some are legitimate, particularly those that come from HIGHERSELF, and our benevolent space brethren.

• Such communications are highly purposeful as we are approaching the end of a major cycle and the incipient point of starting a new one.
• And, I am referring to the phenomenon of Ascension, or more precisely, resurrection.
• The reason for such open and intense communications is to prepare us for the upcoming ascension and to raise our consciousness, and thus, frequency of vibration to resonate and be able to sustain the higher frequencies of the higher dimensions, at least that of the 5th dimension, also known as ‘heaven’s door step.’
• These downloads or communications from higher dimensions of consciousness primarily come from the deity as may be classified as the ‘changelings’ of the archangels, ascended masters, angels, etc., as well as from our ascended brothers and sisters, many in the human form, who tell us that they are our ancestors and forefathers.
• And, not to complicate things too much, some messages come from “ourselves,” Beings from the ‘future,’ and alternate aspects and expressions of our ‘SELVES’ residing in parallel dimensions or higher planes of consciousness.

Journey of Self-Discovery

• We now know that we are only a small fragment of our totality.
• Furthermore, we are apprised by the fact that we have a Higher SELF or an ‘I AM Presence,’ who resides in planes beyond our level of consciousness, who serve us as our guardian angel, adviser-teacher, and our benefactor.
• All we need to do is to connect with higher expressions of our SELF, and we shall be able to find all the answers to our questions, obtain the best guidance and advice, and live in total prosperity, enlightenment, and fulfillment on Earth.
• Of course, this needs some efforts, dedication, and industriousness.
• We need to abandon all our negative energies, which act as sinks, and are nothing but dissipative energy mechanisms leading to futility.
• Instead, we need to concentrate on positive thinking and emotional traits, which incite productivity and creativity in us.
• No matter how closely we resonate with all these information at first, the very fact of discovering some validity regarding the phenomenon of intuition is most encouraging.
• Therefore, we feel we have made a breakthrough in the discovery that our SELF WITHIN could hold all the answers.
• Not only it is enriched with a cumulative knowledge of our former ‘SELVES,’ we are given the assurance that, indeed, we are the very spark, the offspring of the Godhead Creator, having inherited a modicum of HIS/HER vast and unimaginable mega consciousness.
• We are told that we are the creator of our own reality, and indeed, the co- creator of the cosmos.
• With such insightful and heartening notion for a promising and comforting SELF-discovery, we embark on a journey to enter WITHIN and explore our ‘innerspace,’ the true domain of our existence.

Slide1• The first thing that we learn is to not pay attention to the “logical” mind, and instead, concentrate on our heart. This instinct is further repudiated and affirmed by the downloaded message as well as recent scientific discovery that heart is more complex and better equipped to handle our neurological impulses. And, so we focus on our spiritual quest of Self-evaluation, and Self-discovery, where spirituality insinuates not only God but our SELF, as “we are made in HIS/HER image.”

Role of Fear in Consciousness

• Fear is the root of all low-chakra energy dissipation mechanisms.

faith and fear

• Almost every negative emotion and thought energy stems from fear.
• It is fear that makes the inner child of ego insecure, and begins to throw temper tantrum.
• It is fear that destroys the sense of tranquility, serenity, and comfort within.
• It is the primary culprit for separation from inner super consciousness.
• Fear either drags one to total retreat and colossal stagnation and unproductivity; or denial and abandonment of inherent sense of responsibility as a defensive measure and concern for survivability, culminating in victim consciousness and karma.
• Whether fear causes ‘giving up,’ or SELF-deception, the problem does not disappear by itself.
• The most fundamental concern for fear and its eradication must be its fateful blockage from mankind’s gift of multidimensionality.

Mind is Multidimensional

• In order to reach the higher planes of consciousness one needs to traverse the dreaded realm of Lower Astral Plane of the fourth dimension, the very intense domain of humanity’s dark emotions and the toxic dumping ground of potential “hellish” sojourn.

Multidimensionality Beyond 4th

• And, this must be accomplished by carefully avoiding the Law of Attraction to trigger in and activate humanity’s embedded gravitation of inner victim consciousness and karma towards the strong magnetic field of negativity, the very highly dissipative mechanism for energy.

Clearing and Cleansing a Pre-Requisite of Multidimensionality and Ascension

• The primary pre-requisite to multidimensionality is the process of clearing and cleansing unresolved emotional issues deeply buried within mankind’s ethereal body.

Pre-requisites of Multidimensionality• Clearing and cleansing of the ethereal body has the added advantage of jump- starting the process of Realignment, Re-connection, and Activation (RRA) of our initially erroneously perceived “junk” DNA by our genetics scientific community.

Slide1• It is common knowledge that about 97% of our DNA within our physical body remains unplugged, and therefore, dormant ever since the Fall of Atlantis, when initially the Sons of Belial of the Island of Aryans in Atlantis, and thereafter, their cohort, the Annunaki, embarked in a genetic devolution endeavor in order to create a docile, less conscious, race of humans who could be ruled upon by their narcissistic, potential monarchs and dictators, who fancied their genetics to be superior to all others.
• Successful RRA requires spirituality as may be exemplified by Impeccability, Crystallinity, Polarity Integration, among others.

Our Divine Physiognomy

• Fortunately, humanity possesses a physiognomy that remains undamaged permanently.
• We are endowed with a gift of endocrine system, which has rendered highly unappreciated up to now.
• These include the Divine Glands of Pineal, Pituitary, Thymus, and Hypothalamus.


• Among these, the former is often referred to as the ‘seat of soul,’ which constitutes our ‘third eye.’
• The Pineal gland is perhaps the most important endocrine organ in our physical body, at least as long as multidimensionality and consciousness are concerned. Also, hypothalamus, as our ‘universal translator,’ plays a significant part in our multidimensionality, as it is responsible for interpreting verbal message into pictorial depictions that could be readily understood by us and, vice versa.


• Thymus works closely with our heart, the most prominent organ in our physiognomy, which is now being understood by our scientists to be of a much higher complexity in terms of a neural network system, and possesses much more capability than our over-heroic perceived brain.
• Thymus represents the foundation for our gene of compassion, our most unique characteristics in the universe for having been blessed with the widest possible range of natural frequencies contained in a single emotional stimulus.
• And, unconditional love through compassion is the single mechanism for transmuting fear and all its low-chakra dissipative energy mechanism that are culprits for diminishing our consciousness expansion and deterrents to spirituality.


Compassion and Unconditional Love - Unity Consciousness

True Spirituality versus ‘Religion’

• The form of spirituality in concern here is much unlike the biblical sense of being religious, as religion is a man-made concept specially-designed to serve the deceitful agenda of a few tyrants through propagation of fear and superstition.
• Fear originated from the dread of “being judged” by the ALL MIGHTY for our “sins” on that terrifying “Day of Judgment” and for being “condemned” to be cast to “Hell.”
• And, of course, none of these concepts are valid in their biblical sense of interpretation.
• There is of course, a very proper, highly intelligent way of safeguarding against abuse of the fellow man.
• It is called ‘Light quotient’ or alternatively ‘natural frequency of vibration.’ Indulging in cruel exploitation of others is synonymous with diminishing one’s light quotient/vibration rate, which means regressing to the bottom depths of consciousness and working your way up again, and again.



• The more ‘corruption’ and the more mistreatment of others, the more depths of abyss to descend, the more separation from the light, and the denser environment to endure.
• Of course, for some this becomes a way of life; pain, agony, low quality of life, more violence, aggression, and discomfort, these all are often accepted without any impetus for discernment and strive for ‘relief.’
• Such is the difference between intelligence and foolishness, such is the distinction between high and low consciousness.
• Furthermore, “judgment” is carried out WITHIN.
• It is the very responsibility of the ‘conscience.’
• Conscience works in harmony with the discernment function of the Divine Pineal Gland with aid of the Pituitary.
• No Selfish, Ill-intended request of the conscious brain ever get projected to the Divine Mind for approval and manifestation.
• These are commonly and consistently weeded out through the discernment of the Pituitary and the Pineal and never get the endorsement or support of the Thymus as viable or valid creations for manifestation.
• Such are the functions of the Divine Glands: two regulate our thoughts, and the other our emotions so desperately needed for validation prior to manifestation.
• As for “Hell,” call it what you may, this may only be interpreted as the Lower Astral Plane in the fourth dimension, which is utilized as the dumping ground of unresolved toxic emotions. It is created by mankind itself and not by God or agent of His/Hers.


hell• It is humanity that has created the mess; it is humanity that is responsible for its cleanliness and clearance prior to ascension to the higher grounds.
• Again, the ALL Mighty God has nothing to do with its creation, usage, or its operation.
• ‘Heaven’ may be considered as the realm of 5th dimension to 12th. However, the fantastic stories often associated with the biblical “Heaven” such as man being rewarded with beautiful dark-headed beauties and such are simply just that; fantasies.
• “Armageddon,” “End of Days,” and other doomsday prophesies are all purely conjecture.

Eden• “End of Days” is a valid period, namely the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new.
• Earth has many regular cycles that come to an end repeatedly; after 3,600 years, 24,000 years; 75,000 year, etc.
• These all denote the end of certain astronomical periods affecting Earth.
• “Armageddon” has nothing to do with the battle between good and evil, or more precisely between “Lucifer” and Archangel Michael.
• It may simply depict an event that may appear cataclysmic, even resulting in mass extinction, etc., but it is an essential event whose purpose is to cleanse and clear the futile circumstances or energies.
• Although Earth has experienced several such events in the past culminating in near-mass extinction, the period ended in 2012 was no such event.
• The 3-D Earth and physicality is destined to eventually come to an end within approximately 300 years, but this will not entail any extinction whatsoever.
• On December 12, 2012 Earth traversed into 4th dimension, which may be considered as being in a transitory state.
• Meanwhile, on December, 21, 2012, exactly 9 days after the Crystalline-Electric Grid on Terra Nova became operational, a 5th dimensional Earth appeared to those who had the requisite vibration rate to detect it.

Separation of Terra Nova and 3D Earth

• This Earth will no longer be a planet, but a highly bright Star with a much higher light quotient that shall be quite luminous in the distant sky thereafter.
• It will be the realm of existence or domicile for higher consciousness humans who are ascending the 3-D planet Earth soon.
• All inhabitants of the 5-D Terra Nova shall have the requisite vibrational natural frequency or light quotient threshold to be able to sustain life on the fifth dimensional Earth.
• Others, who wish to attend and have lower but close enough vibration rate on 3-D Earth shall remain on the planet Earth for a period not exceeding 300 years, possibly even reincarnating a few terms on 3-D Earth in order to raise their consciousness, vibration rate, and light quotients.
• After this, they shall ascend to the 5th dimension and continue with their journey of life on Terra Nova Star.
• Others that will not succeed will eventually have to reincarnate on an alternative planet of duality much like the old 3-D Earth.
• Our All Mighty Creator has ordained that ALL shall ascend and thus will be able to raise their consciousness adequately with the aid of deity and Divine Hierarchy, provided they choose to do so and demonstrate their will through effort and enthusiasm.
• The concepts of “sin” “Armageddon” “End of Days” “Judgment Day” “Hell” and “Heaven” are invalid in terms of their biblical interpretations.
• These are purposeful instigators of fear for humanity.
• And, as such, any fear that results from their consideration is futile and must be clearly and utterly avoided.

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4 comments on “Towards Higher Consciousness and Higher Dimensional Existence by Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.

  1. It must be said that the knew understanding of the human body and the connection to divinity is opening a most exciting field of conversation, I look forword to keeping up wiith future posts.


  2. Many studies have been done in this area by The Heart Math Institute and there is a clear connection between our emotions and our “switches” that turn the DNA off and on. It has been found that when we are in a state of Love, gratitude, appreciation that the DNA strand will relax, opening the codes in the DNA. When we are tense or angry, the opposite effect happens, the DNA tightens up, closing the DNA codes. So we are to understand that this is the “physical” reason why we are guided to love by most religious and spiritual texts. To sustain the state of loving emotions enables us to become our full potential, to be able to “read” our entire blueprint contained within the genetic codes. It has also been found that even those who are afflicted with genetic diseases such as HIV tend to stay in a state of remission when keeping in an emotional state of peace and Love.
    More on the experiments here:


    • I am very familiar with these studies. In fact, I have reviewed their work in terms of papers that are written but just like many othert things I have in the works have not been completed to the extend I feel they are publication-ready. These papers written August or Sept 2016 will be published when I get a chance to do so. Thank you for your comment though.


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